X ways to improve email security for Microsoft 365

Email is the most used communication method across all the organizations in the world. Every small or large organization around the world uses email to communicate within. Many organizations either use their own email applications or use Office 365 as their email system.

Microsoft O365 is mostly used email system across many organizations. There are many reasons for using O365 because of its simplicity, easy to use management, Access files anywhere, Automatic upgrades etc. When you are using O365 you should also have additional security layers to protect your mailbox & secure emails. 365 Total Protection is one of the products which provides all the functionalities to protect your Microsoft mailboxes.

Email is the also the most common attack method for hackers to attack any organization. There are many ways using which hacker can attack systems such as Phishing attacks, social engineering attacks etc. Most simple & common method is when you receive email with links & attachments where once you click on it your system will be hacked or any viruses can be installed using it. You can use applications, physical security appliance, monitoring solutions to protect your emails.

Below are some of the ways which can improve your email security:


 Email Live Tracking:

It allows you to track & monitor all the email traffic in real time so that any suspicious email can be tracked, audited & blocked. It will help you to filter suspicious emails pattern so that you can take action on such email traffic.

Content Control:

Content Control helps you to filter our various contents in the emails such as Images, Documents, Files etc. Contents are the easiest way attacker uses to inject viruses, adware’s, malwares into the system. You must setup Content Control against the intrusion or sending of unauthorized file attachments.


Encryption plays vital role where once you setup encryption you can be assured that your email traffic is completely encrypted between people inside and outside your organization. Email encryption ensures that only the right recipient can access or read the intended message and email attachments. The Websafe feature makes it possible to keep the email communication confidential even if a communication partner doesn’t use encryption methods.

Spam & Malware Protection:

Spam & Malware protection  prevents spam from entering organizations inboxes & ensures that incoming emails are filtered, so also no malware can enter the inboxes. Multi-stage filters and in-depth analyses also help to detect new kinds of threats.

Email Archiving:

Email archiving is an automated process for preserving and protecting all incoming and outgoing email messages (as well as attachments and metadata) so they can be accessed at a later date should the need arise. It works Automated, legally compliant, and audit-proof.


These are only some of the features which can improve your office 365 email security, which 365 Total Protection include. Also check out ATP, Sandboxing, Forensic Analysis, Real time threat report and automated backups and recovery, etc, are more features that provide you maximum protection for your O365.

365 Total Protection comes in 3 editions which are 365 Total Protection Business, 365 Total Protection Enterprise & 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup.

You can checkout 365 Total Protection which will provide protection to your Mailbox:

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