vSphere Replication

Why vSphere Replication is must have solution for SDDC

What is vSphere Replication

vSphere Replication is VMware’s solution to provide you with functionality of replication for your virtual servers without any cost in your SDDC. Yes you heard that right vSphere Replication does not require any additional license & you can easily use it to protect your virtual machines between two sites or within same site.

VMware vSphere Replication is a hypervisor-based, asynchronous replication solution for vSphere virtual machines. It is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server and the vSphere Web Client. vSphere Replication delivers flexible, reliable and cost-efficient replication to enable data protection and disaster recovery for all virtual machines in your environment.

vSphere Replication allows you to easily replicate virtual machines whether it is production critical or any within same vCenter locally as well as to your DR Site.  Which provides protection in case of any failure.

vSphere Replication features:

  • Unified native hypervisor-based replication solution for on-premises environment and VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Simple Deployment & Ease of Management due to Appliance based
  • Most of the Guest OS & Application supported for replication
  • RPO can be configured per-VM basis from 5 minutes to 23 hours.
  • Compatible with Any storage devices i.e. vSAN, SAN, NAS & local storage
  • Support for Replication network isolation
  • Support for Replication Traffic Encryption & Compression
  • Support for Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and Linux file system quiescing
  • Integration with vSphere HTML5 Web client for administration & management
  • Quick recovery Individual Virtual Machines
  • Monitor through vRealize Operations Manager

Any many more.

Simple Architecture of vSphere Replication with Site Recovery Manager:

Image Credit- VMware

vSphere Replication can also serve as the replication engine for VMware Site Recovery Manager. In this scenario, vSphere Replication virtual appliances are deployed at both the source and target locations, as with VMware Site Recovery Manager. Replication is configured on a per–virtual machine basis, enabling fine control and selection of the virtual machines that are included in VMware Server Site Recovery Manager protection groups and recovery plans. The use of VMware Site Recovery Manager to protect virtual machines running on vSAN requires vSphere Replication.

Use cases for vSphere Replication:

  1. Data protection locally, within a single site
  2. Disaster recovery and avoidance between two sites
  3. Disaster recovery and avoidance to a service provider cloud
  4. Data center migration

vSphere Replication can provide as low as 5 minute RPO (Recovery Point Objective) if the target and the source sites use vSAN, VMFS, NFS, VVOLs. It may depend on the various environments. So that you can have maximum availability of your data.

So in short vSphere Replication easily protects your virtual machines from any events. Which also doesn’t add up any cost to the existing environment. vSphere Replication works with the existing licenses which are vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSphere Enterprise, vSphere Standard, vSphere Essentials Plus, vSphere Desktop. For more details on vSphere Replication we recommend you to check VMware Documentation.

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