Why is a robust backup solution needed for Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 has completely changed the way in the organization on how mailboxes are used, storing files on OneDrive & SharePoint and many more. In late 2019, Office 365 reported a staggering 200+ million actively monthly users worldwide, and it has shown consistent growth and adoption since then.

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Nowadays backup solution is must for any enterprise whether it is for their servers, desktops, or Office 365. Backup solution gives you protection that if any data is breached or any attack occurs, you can easily recover your data and put your mind at rest.

Most of the organization uses Office 365 for user mailboxes, Microsoft Teams for conversation & keeping of files, OneDrive & SharePoint for storing of documents & files. So it is always important for IT Teams to have secured solution in place which can protect all of the environments & recover whenever needed.

Microsoft does offer a few tools to help you provide some protection and retention services for Office 365,  however the responsibility for protection of your data still comes down to you where you need to configure & manage everything for each solution which makes things more complex than ease.

In case of Office 365 many organizations still don’t ask themselves on how their data is protected, what is the backup strategy & how data can be recovered in case of any issues.

Altaro Office 365 Backup provide you with all the supported functionalities where you can easily backup & recover Mailboxes, OneDrive & SharePoint files, End user Teams data. Altaro already provides you the Backup solution for your Virtualization infrastructure.

So, let’s first see why you need Altaro 365 Backup & then we will see on the key features about it.

Data loss prevention: You must have your own disaster recovery solution because Microsoft doesn’t include native backup.

Automatic Backups: Benefit from the ease & convenience of automatically backing up your Office 365 data. Which makes IT teams life Hassle-free.

Secure & Unlimited storage: Your backups are stored on Altaro’s secure cloud backup location hosted on Microsoft Azure. So you don’t have to worry about storage devices for storing your backups.

Support 24/7: You will have 24/7 support whenever you needed so that you don’t have issue of time zones.

Altaro Office 365 backup solution has many features to provide every organization which can fulfil their backup needs & protect their environment. Below we will see all of the features which will help you understand the solution.

Backup Related features:

  • Office 365 Mailboxes backup (Backup user & group mailboxes, email attachments, calendar & contacts)
  • OneDrive & SharePoint backup (Backup of your files stored on OneDrive & SharePoint)
  • Microsoft Teams backup (Backup of User chats, conversation & Teams meeting recordings)
  • Automated backups (Backup taken up to 4 times a day automatically)

Recovery Related features:

  • Granular recovery for user and group mailboxes (Recover full or granular mailboxes for user and groups)
  • Granular recovery for Microsoft teams conversations (Recover user & groups conversations)
  • Restore OneDrive & SharePoint files (Recover files stored on OneDrive & SharePoint library)
  • Restore from any point in time
  • Quick search & Advanced search feature

Management Related features:

  • Single console to monitor & manage (Single Dashboard to manage all Office 365 backup)
  • Account activity audit logs (Review & monitor user activity logs of your team members)
  • Manually enable/disable backups
  • Auto provision user backups

Storage Related features:

  • Unlimited storage (Unlimited storage provided by Altaro Office 365 for storing backups)
  • Altaro Managed Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Two factor authentication
  • Secure AES 256-bit encryption
  • Indefinite retention

As you saw above Altaro office 365 backup provides you the complete solution to protect & secure office 365 mailboxes, user data & others. With Altaro Office 365 you always have 24/7 support availability as & when you need in case of any disaster or any attack.

Supported Office 365 Subscription plans by Altaro:

Below are the Office 365 subscription plans which are currently supported by Altaro which may change in future as & when needed.

  • Business Basic
  • Business Standard
  • Business Premium
  • E1, E3 and E5
  • A1, A3, A5 Faculty and Student Plans
  • F3

Altaro 365 Backup comes with the best Pricing which includes backups, unlimited storage, a management dashboard and 24/7 support, giving you greater value. If you go for multiyear you will even get some good discount on your billing.

You can checkout below link to get your free trial of Office 365 Backup:

Get Altaro Office 365 Backup Free Trial

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