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What’s new in Altaro VM Backup 7 ?

Altaro is one of the fastest growing company in the VM Backup. Altaro VM Backup makes it easy and affordable to protect your VMware environment. With an intuitive design, full control over backup jobs across all hosts and outstanding support; Altaro VM Backup is your logical choice for VMware virtual machine (VM) backups. Altaro has launched the newer version of their product for VM Backup version 7 which consist of some of new & unique features in Altaro VM Backup. With Altaro VM Backup you can deploy complete VM Backup solution within minutes for your virtualized environment. It works on both VMware & Hyper-V.

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Benefits of the Altaro VM Backup :

  • Central Management console with Intuitive user interface
  • Augmented Inline deduplication
  • Boot from Backup
  • Compression & Encryption for Backups
  • Offsite Backup Replication
  • Granular Restore options with Instant File Level Restore.
  • Flexible Backup Destinations
  • Flexible Backup Retention policies per VM Level.
  • Variety of Supported Backup Media

Altaro VM Backup is small application which just requires the few minutes to deploy & run your Backups from scratch to complete powerful Backup solution. It doesn’t require complex configuration as it is designed in a way that very easy to deploy & use.

New Features in Version 7:

Augmented Inline deduplication:

Altaro VM Backup with Augmented Inline deduplication improves backup and restore speed. It’s the best depulication in the industry, creating the smallest backup size. Augmented Inline deduplication runs across all backup jobs, no need to group VMs together (no use of post processing).


  • Much lower storage requirements. Creates the smallest backup size compared to other backup vendors
  • Faster backups (less data to transfer)
  • Efficiency increases as more VM backups are added. Huge savings on storage!



Boot from Backup:

Instantly boot any VM version from the backup location without affecting backup integrity. The VM may optionally be restored in the background while booted without losing any changes.


It works in 2 different ways :

Verification Mode :
This mode allow you to temporarily boot VM from directly Backup location for the verification purpose. Any changes made to this virtual machine while booted will be discarded once you are done.

Recovery Mode :
This mode allow you to immediately boot vm from backup in case of disaster recovery scenarios without performing the full restore operation. As soon as the vm booted restore operation takes place in the background. Any changes made to this virtual machine while it is booted will be merged to the newly restored virtual disks. Once the restore operation has completed and the virtual machine can be restarted, the virtual machine will be detached from the backup drive & rebooted using the newly restored & up to date virtual disks.


All new look for Altaro Backup Solution for Monitoring & Managing Backup from one dashboard:










A completely redeveloped Backup Server, with a brand-new look, is the best tool around to manage your offsite backups. The Altaro Offsite Server is used to replicate Hyper-V and VMware backups to an offsite location. The Altaro Offsite Server can be connected to the machine running an instance of Altaro VM Backup both via LAN or WAN connection.

Checkout below link to get your free copy :

Altaro VM Backup v7


Newer version also supports for the Windows Server 2016.

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