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What is Snapshot ?

Snapshot is most useful feature in the virtual infrastructure. Snapshot provides capability to save the current state of the Virtual Machine.

Snapshot is also called as point-in-time image of the virtual machine. Snapshot helps to preserve the current state of the virtual machine. we can create snapshot while vm is powered on , powered off or suspended. we can create multiple snapshots of virtual machine.

Snapshot are more useful in time of vm failure or any error occurs.
For e.g
If you want to upgrade or patch any vm in your virtual infrastructure but you are not sure about the after effects of upgrade or patch than you can make snapshot before upgrading the vm so after upgradation if any error occurs or any problem occur you can revert back to the state of before upgrade.

Snapshot captures the state of virtual machine’s disks, content of virtual machine & virtual machine settings. when we revert the snapshot, All these items are reverted at that state when the snapshot created.

Snapshot Best Practices:-

  • Snapshot are not backup of Virtual Machine.
  • Snapshot are not complete copy of vmdk as it stores only the change log. If the base disk is deleted the snapshot is of no use.
  • Do not store Snapshot for more than 24-72 Hours as it also increase the size of the snapshot.
  • The Maximum amount of supported snapshot in chain is 32 but VMware recommends that you should only use the 2-3 snapshots in chain.

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  1. thanks for the article could you please explain VM back up and major difference between bkp up and snapshot.

    1. hi,
      Snapshot is just saves the state of the VM for the time so you can revert to before state if anything went wrong in vm.
      Backup will backup the whole vm.

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