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What is datastore ?

A datastore in the virtual environment used as a storage for your virtual inventory. Datastore stores Virtual machine files, log files, virtual disks & ISO images.

Datastore can contain different types of storages such as Local Storage of ESXi, iSCSI, NAS, SAN. You can create new datastores by formatting LUN’s or Mounting NFS. You can upload ISO images to datastore for guest OS installation.

Datastore can only use the 2 types of file system’s such as VMFS & NFS.
VMFS is the VMware’s highly optimized file system for the Virtual storage.
NFS is used on the NAS devices.


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  1. Hi,
    I am working on VMware Technolgy for 6 month. few day ago I face error in virtual machine that is event 11 only. read the forum and I have apply Chkdsk on virtual machine. with that it had clear the log. but after sometime same error show in event log. now i want to check the log on ESXi , how is it possible .

    please tell us , there is any other way to check the disk physically.

    EXSI 5.0
    datastore localstorage sas drive 1TB

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