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What is Clone ?

Clone is an exact copy of Virtual Machine. When we clone the virtual machine the new virtual machines is created with the exact configuration.

Clone is the separate independent vm than the original vm. Clone is helpful when we want to deploy multiple virtual machines with same configuration & same files. Installing the guest operating system , application & configuration is time consuming process so at that time we can create one virtual machine with all the proper configuration & make clone of that vm as many as required.

There are 2 types of clone we can create :-

1. Full Clone:-
Full Clone is independent clone than the vm. It does not depend on parent vm. It does not share the virtual disks with the parent virtual machine. It takes time to create full clone if the size of the vm is large.

2. Linked Clone:-
Linked Clone is a vm that shares the virtual disks with the parent vm in an ongoing manner. This helps us to conserve the disk space & allow virtual machines to use the same software installation. It is made up from the snapshot of a parent.

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