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vSphere Update Manager vs vSphere Lifecycle Manager

VMware vSphere Update Manager vs vSphere Lifecycle Manager

VMware vSphere Update manager is the most commonly used tool for upgrading & patching ESXi hosts in the vSphere environment. vSphere Update Manager provides other functionalities as well other than ESXi patching those are VM Hardware Upgrade, VMware Tools Upgrade, etc. In this post, we will see the vSphere Update Manager vs vSphere Lifecycle Manager comparison.

VMware developed vSphere Update Manager in order to simplify the upgrade & patch of ESXi hosts in a vSphere environment. In the previous versions of vSphere, you have to install the update manager on a separate machine. With newer versions, it is now integrated with the vCenter Server directly. With the launch of vSphere 7.0, VMware has introduced a new vSphere Lifecycle Manager which has many more added features compared to vSphere Update Manager which we will discuss in this post.

vSphere Lifecycle Manager comes with the vSphere 7.0 & later versions. VMware is trying to provide the complete lifecycle management of the vSphere Infrastructure. So that your day-to-day operations can be easily performed without much manual work & consistency is maintained across the environment.

vSphere Lifecycle Manager supports firmware patching as well as ESXi patching so that you can easily perform patching from vCenter Server only. With the latest version of vSphere, you can take advantage of features such as a standard single image of ESXi host for all the hosts across the cluster.

Below you can see the sample screenshots for vSphere Update Manager & vSphere Lifecycle Manager:

Screenshot for vSphere Update Manager:


Screenshot for vSphere Lifecycle Manager:



You can clearly see the difference between both the screenshots. In case of vSphere Update Manager there is no such options like Vendor Addons & Components. But those are available in Lifecycle Manager.

Comparison Table for vSphere Update Manager vs vSphere Lifecycle Manager:


So in future you can see more and more improvements & feature additions in Lifecycle manager so that IT teams can easily manage the complete lifecycle of their vSphere Infrastructure.

Below you can checkout our upgrade series which will help you to plan upgrades using Update Manager or Lifecycle Manager:

vSphere Upgrade SeriesĀ 

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