vRealize Operations Manager

vSphere Automation with vROPS Automation Central

vSphere Automation with vROPS Automation Central

vRealize Operations or vROPS allows you to proactively identify and solve emerging issues with predictive analysis and smart alerts, ensuring optimal performance and availability of system resources – across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. In this post, we will see some vSphere Automation with vROPS Automation Central.

So first you will have to understand what is Automation Central:
The latest version of vROPS comes with a unique feature called Automation Central. Using this you can create jobs to automate certain basic operations so that it reduces the manual day-to-day work. Once you set up recurring jobs, you can track and obtain reports on them. You can customize jobs so that they only run based certain on parameters. For example, if you choose to delete a snapshot as an action, you can specify how old the snapshot must be before it is deleted.

Below are tasks, you can automate through vROPS Automation Central as of now:

  1. Delete Old Snapshots
  2. Delete Idle VMs
  3. Delete Powered-Off VMs
  4. Power Off Idle VMs
  5. Downsize Oversized VMs
  6. Scale-up Undersized VMs
  7. Reboot VMs

As of now all listed jobs you can schedule to automate through Automation Central. Maybe you will see more jobs in future upcoming versions.

So in this post, we will give you a demo on How you can schedule Snapshot Deletion Job using vROPS Automation Central :

Step 1:
Login to vROPS.
Go to Automation Central from left navigator.


Step 2:
Here you will see various options such as Schedule, Report, History, Jobs.
You can also view your current Jobs in calendar.
To setup new job click ADD JOB.


Step 3:
Provide the Name & Description for the Job.
Select the Automation Action you want to perform.
Click Next to continue.


Step 4:
Select the Automation scope where you want to run this Automation job.
Click Next to continue.


Step 5:
Setup the schedule for the Job.
You can also setup email notification if required.
Click Create.


Now you can see that Snapshot deletion job is scheduled & visible in the calendar.



Using this way you can easily take advantage of vROPS Automation Central to automate some of the basic tasks in your vSphere environment. It makes day to day life simpler for IT Teams so that you don’t have to depend on the scripts & windows scheduler.

Note: This we have tasted on vROPS 8.6. If you are using different version some steps may differ.

If you are looking to know more about vROPS, Checkout our vROPS series:

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There is some pre-requisite you must have before using vROPS Automation Central:

  • Automation Central is available for users who have the advanced license and above.
  • Operational Actions must be enabled in the vCenter cloud adapter instance to run actions from Automation Central.
  • You must have the necessary permission to schedule and manage jobs in the Automation Central page.
  • Actions are run through VMware tools. vCenter privileges required to run each actions.

For more you can check VMware Documentation.

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