vSAN Witness Host Networking

In this post we will see on vSAN witness host networking. vSAN Witness appliance either you can use your physical ESXi host or you can directly download vSAN Witness Appliance from VMware Portal. vSAN Witness Appliance comes as an prebuilt ESXi host which is easy to deploy & configure.

Once you have successfully deployed vSAN Witness Appliance, Power on the vSAN Witness Appliance & take console of Witness Appliance to configure the Networking such as IP Address, Gateway, Hostname in the same way you configure it in the ESXi host.

Configure the Networking in vSAN Witness Appliance then we have to look for the networking in the VMkernel & Virtual Switch. vSAN Witness Appliance is already configured with “witnesspg” & VMkernel network adapter to be used for vSAN Services.

Select the vSAN Witness Appliance & go to Configure tab.
Select VMkernel adapters from Networking section.
Here you will see VMkernel adapters already present for Management & vSAN use.
Select the vSAN VMkernel adapters & you can see that vSAN Service is enabled already.
If you want to change IP address so you can do it by editing the VMkernel adapter setting.

vsan witness appliance networking

Now let’s look at Virtual Switch:
Here you can see that vSAN Witness Appliance already comes with the witnessSwitch & witnesPg created. So you don’t have to manually create vSwitch & Port group. You can add uplink to the vSwitch to provide the redundancy & availability to your Witness Switch.

vsan witness appliance networking


As you have seen above that vSAN Witness Appliance comes with all the network configuration by default because we have used vSAN Witness virtual Appliance but in case if you choose to use Physical ESXi host as an vSAN Witness then you have to manually configure all the networking by creating vSwitch, VMkernel adapters.

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