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vRA Part-13: How to Create Reservations in vRealize Automation

Reservations in vRealize Automation allows you to allocate the set of resources from a fabric group to a  business group. Each business group must have at least one reservation for its members to provision machines. In this post we will see on How to create Reservations in vRealize Automation.

Reservations allows you to allocate the share of CPU, Memory, networking & storage for the particular business group. You cannot share reservations among multiple business groups. Storage and memory that are assigned to a provisioned machine by a reservation are released when the machine to which they are assigned is deleted in vRealize Automation by the Destroy action. The storage and memory are not released if the machine is deleted in the vCenter Server.

You can create Reservations for many virtual machines types such as vSphere , vCloud Air, Amazon EC2, Azure, Hyper-V etc.

So let’s see How to Create Reservations in vRA:

Step 1:
Login to vRealize Automation console.
Go to Infrastructure tab.
Expand Reservations.
Select Reservations.
Click on Green plus icon & select “vSphere (vCenter)” to create reservation policy for vSphere.

create reservations in vRA

Step 2:
Reservation wizard will open.
In the General tab provide the Name for the reservation.
Choose business group to which this reservation will be allocated.
Set the priority.

create reservations in vRA

Step 3:
Go to Resources tab.
Select the compute resource as cluster.
Set the Maximum machine quota which can be created under this reservation.

create reservations in vRA

Set the memory reservation .
Select the datastores to set the reservations for storage part.
Provide the reservation percentage & priority for the datastore & click OK to save the reservation for resources.

create reservations in vRA

As you can see that we have successfully set the reservations for Memory & storage.

create reservations in vRA

Step 4:
Go the Network tab.
You will see available networks which are port groups of your vSphere environment.
Select the Network & assign Network profile to it.

create reservations in vRA

Step 5:
Go to Properties tab.
Here you can set custom properties according to your requirement.

create reservations in vRA

Step 6:
Go to Alerts tab.
Here you can set the capacity alerts so that you will be notified when the capacity threshold is exceeded.
Click OK to create the reservation.

create reservations in vRA

As you can see that Reservation is created successfully.

create reservations in vRA


That’s it, Using this way you can create reservation in your vRealize Automation portal. If you want to edit or create new reservation you can do in the same way.

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