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VMware Scenario Based Interview Questions Part-2

VMware Scenario Based Interview Questions

We are starting the all new series of VMware Scenario Based Interview Questions which are dependent on the various real life scenarios in the vSphere environment. This post will help you to understand what kind of questions you can expect in the VMware Interviews. This is the second part of the series of VMware Interview Questions. We will be keeping 10 scenario based questions per Part So that it will be easy to understand.

During this time we are seeing very high resignations across the world or you can say movements of people from one organization to another across the world. So to be ahead of the other people you must be prepared well so you can clear the interview rounds & get your offer.

We have already posted 2 posts on VMware Interview questions & answers, If you have not seen those you can have a look below:

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VMware Interview Questions & Answers

In this post we will only be posting the VMware Scenario based Interview questions, For answers you have to research & study from yourself which will help you to understand the different scenarios and it will improve your knowledge. You can take help of your own environment, VMware LABs, Online blogs or your own Test LABs to understand the scenarios.

This questions are taken based on the various VMware vSphere scenarios which may change in future versions of vSphere.

Question 1: What all pre-checks & post-checks you will perform before and after vSphere Upgrade ?

Question 2: What is the procedure to upgrade ESXi Hosts ?

Question 3: What is the procedure to upgrade vCenter Server ?

Question 4: After ESXi Upgrade, How you will revert to previous version of ESXi Host ?

Question 5: How to migrate from Standard Switch to Distributed Switch ?

Question 6: Your Backup team is pointing out that VM Backup is failing continuously, How you will troubleshoot this ?

Question 7: You are unable to access ESXi host using host client but ESXi host is accessible from vCenter Server, What could be the reason of it ?

Question 8: What will happen if .nvram file is deleted from VM ?

Question 9: Your Network team wants to analyze traffic of Specific VM, Which feature or functionality will help you to achieve this ?

Question 10: What is the reason VM is appeared as orphaned VM ?

Hope above VMware Scenario based Interview Questions help you during your interviews to clear the interview & get your job. We wish you all the best for your VMware Interview.

If you have missed our First Part of this series you can check below link:

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In the next part we will provide more 10 VMware Scenario based Interview Questions.


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