VMware Explore 2023 What’s New

VMware Explore 2023

VMware schedules a global event every year to discuss the latest product announcements, newly added functionalities or products, upcoming changes to the products, Ongoing trends in the Industry & many more. This global event happens in US & Europe which is usually a 3-5 day event. In which VMware CEO, CTO & many more key people give presentations, sessions, etc. & discuss technologies.

Previously these events were referred to as VMworld but now it is called VMware Explore. Many organization’s CEOs, CTOs, Technical Specialists, and Technical teams attend these events to see the upcoming changes & ongoing global trends in the technology world. This year’s VMware Explore event just completed last month with many new announcements, product updates, changes & many more exciting pieces of information.

In this post, we will try to list out key things for you:

Infrastructure & Cloud Announcements:

VMware® vSphere+™ is a multi-cloud workload platform that brings the benefits of VMware Cloud Services to your on-premises workloads

vSphere 8 Update 2:
The new version of vSphere 8 i.e. U2 comes with the new changes and improvements.

The newest version of NSX after NSX-V & NSX-T is here. NSX+ provides the Simplest path to consistent multi-cloud networking, security, and advanced load balancing.

vSAN 8 Update 2 & vSAN Max:
With latest version of vSAN you can Unlock even higher performance, scalability, and resilience in vSAN Express Storage Architecture.

VMware HCX+:
HCX as you all used for cloud migrations but newer edition of HCX+ is announced to plan and execute migrations across hybrid and multi-cloud.

VMware Cloud Software Editions:
Flexibility to choose the software edition and operating model that matches your organization’s cloud transformation stage.

VMware Aria Operations for Networks:
VMware Aria Operations for Networks Intelligent Assist Tech Preview is now available, which utilizes AI search with Large Language Models (LLMs) so users can input natural language queries to help solve network and traffic-related issues.

VMware Cloud on AWS:
Get enterprise grade cloud management out of the box with VMware Cloud on AWS Advanced tier.

VMware Cloud Flex Storage:
Enterprise-grade & Petabyte-scale cloud storage that keeps your business growing.

VMware Ransomware Recovery:
Streamline operations with a centralized workflow that integrates critical detection, response and recovery. capabilities

VMware Aria Migration:
Initial availability of AWS cost assessments now available for vSphere VMs for lift and shift migrations.

VMware Aria Operations:
Gain a singular view to all your VMware Aria Operations, VMware Aria Operations for Logs, VMware Aria Operations for Applications content with a unified VMware Aria Content section.

Application & Tanzu Announcements:

Introducing VMware Tanzu Application Engine:
An app-centric layer of abstraction that allows apps to run anywhere in a multi-cloud environment with consistent operational governance and compliance.

Introducing VMware Tanzu Developer Portal:
Leverage an internal developer portal in Tanzu Application Platform for seamless coordination, collaboration, and execution across teams and business units in enterprise software organizations.

Next-Gen Public Cloud Automation:
Introducing VMware Aria Automation for public clouds for VMware Aria Universal Suite.

VMware Application Catalog:
Support for distributing OSS artifacts through multiple catalogs for exclusive, compliant usage by different business units and internal teams.

Tanzu has improved with many changes such as Tanzu Application Platform 1.6, Tanzu Application Service 5.0, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.3 & Tanzu Mission Control

VMware Private AI:

With VMware Private AI, you get the flexibility to run a range of AI solutions for your environment—NVIDIA AI Software, open–source community repositories, and independent software vendors. Deploy with confidence, knowing that VMware has built partnerships with the leading AI providers. Achieve great performance in your model with vSphere and VMware Cloud Foundation GPU integrations. Augment productivity by eliminating redundant tasks and building intelligent process improvement mechanisms. What’s New in AI:

  • VMware + NVIDIA AI-Ready Enterprise Platform.
  • VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA.
  • VMware Private AI Partner Ecosystem.
  • VMware Private AI Reference Architecture.

Multicloud Edge:

Edge Compute Management Platform:
Deploy and provision edge compute infrastructure and apps at scale with zero touch provisioning .

Consolidated Orchestration Across Network, Security and Compute:
Manage network and compute solutions standalone or as part of a comprehensive single console.

Edge Firewall with Advanced Threat Protection:
Stop advanced threats with added IDS/IPS in the SD-WAN Edge firewall.

Enhanced Secure Remote Access:
Simplify remote access with a software client for laptops and mobile devices.

Private Mobile Network Available:
Private mobile network delivered as a managed service to simplify private 4G/5G connectivity.

Introducing VMware Retail Edge:
Build, run, manage, connect and protect retail services across all locations.

This is list of Key announcements been done at VMware Explore this year. Many more product improvements & changes are also there. So in the upcoming future we will come to know about that as well.

If you are looking to get detailed information then please check VMware Explore Home Page:

VMware Explore.


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