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VMware announced the all new vSphere 6.5

VMware the industry leading virtualization technology provider in the field of virtualization. VMware has announced the newer version of it’s VMware vSphere 6.5 in the VMworld Barcelona. With the release of the newer version VMware has made many improvements in the Existing vSphere with some of the cool advanced features & introduced all new features which are there in vSphere 6.5 & which will be improved in the future with the release of vSphere.

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Quick Look at the Improvements & New Features in vSphere 6.5:-

  • All new vCenter Server appliance
  • Fully Featured new HTML5 based vSphere Client
  • vCenter Server High Availability
  • vCenter Server Backup & Restore
  • vCenter Server Appliance Tool
  • Encryption & Security
  • Improvements in HA, DRS & FT
  • VUM is included in the vCenter Server Appliance
  • Content Library Improvements
  • vSAN 6.5
  • vSphere Operations Management

With the new release of vSphere 6.5 VMware has made many improvements in the Existing features & added some of amazing features which helps in the ease of management & the higher level of High availability & Security features.

vCenter Server Appliance :
VMware has announced the all new version of vCSA 6.5 with many improvements & the new features integrated with it, which helps users in simplified management of their the virtualized environment without the dependencies. All new vCSA comes with the new rich installer which supports multi platform functionality with Upgrade, Migrate & Restore options.

vCSA Installer 6.5



All new rich HTML5 Web Client:
VMware has introduced the new integrated feature rich HTML5 Web client which will work with the both windows based vCenter Server & also with the vCenter Server Appliance. New client is based on the HTML5 which helps in providing the better performance as compared to current flash based. As of now this client does not have all the features of the web client but the development is going on to make it available with all the features soon.

vCenter Server High Availability:
vCenter server is always the most important vm for the organization as it manages all the tasks. With the new improvements VMware has made vCenter with high availability which will provide the consistent availability of the vCenter in the events of system crash or errors. This is only available in the new vCSA 6.5

vCenter Server Backup & Restore:
vCenter Server 6.5 includes the all new functionality Backup & Restore which will help the users to Backup & Restore the vCenter Server as well as the PSC(Platform Service Controller). This is very useful at the time of upgrade or migration.

vCenter Server Appliance Tool:
vCenter Server Appliance tool will allow the companies to easily migrate the old Windows based vCenter server 5.5 & 6.0 to migrate in the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.

Encryption & Security:
With the new Encryption feature VM Files & VMDK will be encrypted to provide the enhance security. VMware has also introduce the Encryption in the vMotion by which you can do the Encrypted vMotion of the VM which will help in preventing the unauthorized access.
In the Security now ESXi Hypervisor & Virtual Machine supports the Secure boot functionality which enhances the security of the Hypervisor & VM.

Improvements in HA, DRS & FT:
Proactive HA :
Improvements in HA consist of all new proactive HA which will detect & monitor the host hardware & takes action before issue causes an outage.

DRS monitors the CPU & Memory of the host to balance the load of the cluster but in addition to this now DRS will also monitor the Network Traffic which will improve the placement of the VM while using the DRS.

FT has now more integration with the DRS which will make the better placement while checking which host has the available network bandwidth. FT now can be configured with the Multi NIC which will improve the availability of the Bandwidth for FT.

VUM in included in the vCenter Server Appliance :
vCenter 6.5 will have the VUM integrated into it. So no need to install it on another Windows Server.

Content Library Improvements:
Content Library is always the useful feature of the vSphere for storing & accessing the contents. With vCenter 6.5 you will see the Content Library become the more useful as it now directly support of mounting the ISO from Content Library & also the guest OS customization while deploying from Content Library.

vSAN 6.5:
vSAN is the most used feature now days which provides the better storage management & availability. vSAN now has the iSCSI Support & the 2 Nodes Direct connect and witness traffic separation.

vSphere with Operations Management:
vROPS has been updated with the newer version which is 6.4 with improved dashboard management, more efficient monitoring & easy to find the root cause.

vSphere 6.5 comes with the new Virtual Hardware version for the virtual machine which is version 13. Now the VM will support the memory upto 6TB.

This are the highlights of the new features & improvements in the vSphere 6.5 there are many more improvements & features will be coming in the future.

We will update you soon with the each feature & improvements in the next upcoming posts.

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