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VirtualMetric is your go to solution for monitoring of your complete datacenter. It can monitor almost every components of the datacenters such as Physical Server, Virtual Servers, Network Devices etc. It provides the visibility into all your infrastructure devices with ease of use & simple dashboards. VirtualMetric provides a real time monitoring in a combination with inventory and change tracking.

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VirtualMetric is simple solution which does not require any agent installation & you can simply monitor your servers & devices. Which makes easy to deploy & manage the solution. VirtualMetric is evolving solution which will provide you the complete insight of your infrastructure from single dashboard.

Key Features of VirtualMetric:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Virtualization Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Change Tracking
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • IT Security

Above listed are features which makes VirtualMetric incredibly unique compared to other solutions available in the market. Where some solution will only give monitoring capabilities & some level of log management but here you are getting features such as Change Tracking, Inventory Monitoring & IT Security which makes this product stand out from other solutions.

So, let us discuss in summary about above listed features:

Server Monitoring:

Server Monitoring allows you to monitor Windows & Linux physical as well as virtual servers. In case of Physical Server, it supports the vendors which are HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu & Super Micro. It allows you to monitor windows server functionalities as well as physical underlying hardware monitoring.

VirtualMetric supports monitoring of Windows Server 2008 & all later versions with desktop versions as well such as Windows 7, 8 & 10. In case of Linux servers, it supports most common OS such as CentOS, RedHat Linux, Debian & Ubuntu.

Virtualization Monitoring:

Now days most of the Infrastructure runs on the virtualization software such as VMware or Hyper-V. VirtualMetric supports to monitoring of VMware Virtualization & Hyper-V servers without any agent installation. It helps you to resolve challenges of your environment such as Health of VMs, Proactive alerting, Smart capacity planning & many more.

VirtualMetric supports the ESXi monitoring from ESXi 5.0 & all the latest versions upto ESXi 7.1. Same applies to Hyper-V as it supports all the latest versions.

Application Monitoring:

Application Monitoring is the most critical component of every solution where every organization wants to have 99% availability of their application. To achieve 99% availability your underlying servers should be efficient & capable to support the changing needs of the applications.

Currently VirtualMetric supports the application such as Active Directory, IIS & Storage Space Direct. Application monitoring solves problems such as Improved availability, Better troubleshooting & fast detection of failures. More application will be added into the solution.

Database Monitoring:

Every application requires database to store its data, logs, statistics & other information. If you lose database than application will not work, so monitoring of database is especially important part of any infrastructure.

VirtualMetric allows you to monitor your SQL Server database so that you can run your databases optimally by reducing failures & crashes. It supports the functionalities such as Eliminating database performance issues, finding root cause, monitor health of clusters, monitoring of database queries.

Network Monitoring:

VirtualMetric empowers you with a powerful network monitoring tool for your on-prem, hybrid and cloud services. Monitor networks, firewalls, load balancers and switches. Increase your network efficiency by tracking bandwidth and resource utilization. Ensure your availability and prevent any outages before they occur and affect your infrastructure.

VirtualMetric’s Network Performance Monitoring provides multi-vendor support and tracks the key aspects of your network equipment – ports, VLANs, port utilization, flow analysis, connectivity saturation, backup and more. In addition, it provides separate modules to monitor your whole infrastructure, virtualization, logs and more.


VirtualMetric enables you to conduct security audits efficiently, analyze the system logs and visualize them on different charts. In Analytics Suite, you can benefit from the Log Analytics module, which is collecting and analyzing logs from heterogeneous sources and presenting them on a user-friendly dashboard.

Change Tracking:

VirtualMetric offers you an advanced Change Tracking and Management functionality for easy change control. Audit all the changes in your infrastructure within seconds. Keep a full track of every single change and who made it. Now you can audit config changes, visualize the changes, and change logs on charts and detect fast anomalies.

Inventory Monitoring:

To manage your environment efficiently, you need to keep a full track for your inventory. Get an accurate report on all your hardware and software assets in minutes with VirtualMetric. Manually tracking the inventory with emails and spreadsheets is not efficient and is dependent on your team. With VirtualMetric, you can do everything automatically and generate reports for your hardware, virtual machines, and software quickly.

IT Security:

VirtualMetric combines advanced real-time monitoring with robust security features to help you ensure a maximum level of security for your environment. The monitoring suites collect access and audit logs, system and application logs, firewall logs, system changes and more and alert you in case of unusual or suspicious system behavior. Daily checks of security and forensic analysis to facilitate the team of enterprise security teams.

So How does VirtualMetric Monitors your infrastructure:

VirtualMetric uses proven technologies to monitor your infrastructure & devices which helps in monitoring each servers & different device. So that every object in your infrastructure provides the real time data & monitoring can be done pro-actively to avoid downtimes.

  • VirtualMetric uses WS-man protocol to connect and monitor Windows servers, therefore, allowing HTTP/HTTPS ports on firewall is enough to start monitoring.
  • VirtualMetric uses VMware vSphere Web Services SDK to connect and monitor VMware servers. Allowing HTTP/HTTPS ports on firewall is enough to start monitoring.
  • VirtualMetric uses SSH protocol to connect and monitor Linux servers. Allowing SSH/HTTP/HTTPS ports on firewall is enough to start monitoring.
  • VirtualMetric uses SNMP protocol to connect and monitor network devices servers. Allowing SNMP/HTTP/HTTPS ports on firewall is enough to start monitoring.

VirtualMetric System requirements:

  • CPU & Memory: Min dual core CPU and minimum 4096 MB RAM memory.
  • OS: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 or later
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or later

VirtualMetric is comes with the browser-based access so you must have the latest version of browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox & Microsoft Edge.

Installation of VirtualMetric is quite simple it comes as a Windows Installer file which you can install on windows server by providing some basic details & it will get completed within minutes. It supports AD integration for secure SSO.

Below is the dashboard of VirtualMetric where you can see all the details of your infrastructure:

VirtualMetric Dashboard View:

Dashboard is the complete overview of the datacenter which shows servers, Memory, Storage, Change Tracking, Event Management & many more. You can also add your own widgets from add widget option in the top.

Dashboard will give you the additional functionalities such as Calendar , Clock where you can configure your own time zones so that whenever you login you will get your customized date & time.

You can also customize dashboard page by drag n drop of different widgets.


VirtualMetric Devices View:

Devices view will show all the servers & devices added into VirtualMetric. In the left navigator section, you can navigate to different devices of your infrastructure.

Beside navigator you will get the list of functionalities which you can monitor on your devices. You can use functionality such as Hardware, Audit, Security, Inventory & Forensic to monitor & analyze your infrastructure.

You can also export data in different formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel & PNG.


VirtualMetric Reports View:

Reports section provides you the various reports which you can generate & export for your environment. You can generate reports such as Performance, Server statistics, Network statistics, Storage statistics & Log analysis.

Once you select the report type you will get the data in the summary section from where you can view in details & export reports.


Below is the sample example report which shows the details about the server performance & it’s utilization in terms of CPU, Memory, Storage & Network.


This is just sample report you can generate reports according to your requirements.

VirtualMetric Settings Page:

Settings is the section where you will get all the settings & configurations. You can add & manage users who can access VirtualMetric. Devices will allow you to add the different types of devices such as servers, clusters, workstations, Network devices, firewalls. & many more.

Services will perform the monitoring of services such as DNS, Websites & ICMP. Notifications will allow you to manage & configure notifications such as Email & SMS.

Other sections allow you configure definitions, Logging, statistics counters etc.


VirtualMetric is your go to solution if you are looking for complete datacenter monitoring so that no device can left unmonitored. Installation & setting up of VirtualMetric is very simple where it comes as an windows installation & once installed successfully, you can start adding your infrastructure in solution.

VirtualMetric comes in 2 different types such as On-premises & Cloud. In case of On-Premises you will have to setup & configure the solution in your infrastructure but in case of Cloud you will use the fully managed solution which will also provide you all the functionalities like On-Premises.

You can also get 30 days trial to try out all the features & functionalities of VirtualMetric for your infrastructure.

Checkout link to get your 30 days trial : Get VirtualMetric Free Trial

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