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vDS-Part14 : Restoring Distributed Switch configuration

vSphere Distributed Switch enables the more advanced networking functionalities. In case of Standard switch you have each different switch per host but in case of Distributed switch you only have only single switch which will be used in all the hosts. So while using single switch you only have to make changes to single switch. Distributed Switch provides the most useful feature which is Export, Import configuration of your Distributed switch. You can export the whole distributed switch with port group configured.

In this post we will see on How to restore exported Distributed Switch configuration.

Step 1:
Login to vSphere Web Client.
Choose your Distributed Switch.
Right click > Restore Configuration.


Step 2:
Browse the file which you have exported as backup file.
Click Next to proceed.


Step 3:
Review the configuration.
Click Finish to restore.



That’s it now it will restore all the exported configuration as it is. You can verify all the configurations now.

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