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vCenter Server 6 Network Port requirements

vCenter server is used to manage the multiple ESXi hosts & virtualized environment from a single pane. vCenter Server needs to be  installed on Windows server. vCenter server connects the ESXi host through the network. So for connecting to the ESXi hosts & other components vCenter requires some of the network ports to be open for successful connectivity. Here I am listing some of the ports which are required to successful connectivity between vCenter & other components.

vCenter Server 6 Ports requirements:

Port NumberProtocolDescription
22TCP/UDPSSHD, Used by vCenter Server Appliance
80TCPHTTP , Used by vCenter Server for HTTP connections
88TCPVMware Key Distribution Center Port
389TCP/UDPLDAP, Used for the Directory Services for the vCenter Server Port Group.
443TCPUsed by vCenter Server Web Client.
514TCP/UDPUsed by vSphere Syslog collector for vCenter Server
636TCPUsed by vCenter Server Enhanced Linked mode
902TCP/UDPUsed by vCenter Server to connect & manage ESXi hosts
1514TCP/UDPvSphere Syslog collector TLS port for vCenter Server Windows

vSphere Syslog service TLS port for vCenter Server Appliance

2012TCPControl Interface RPC for vCenter SSO
2014TCPRPC port for all VMCA (VMware Certificate Authority) APIs
2020TCP/UDPAuthentication framework management
6500TCP/UDPUsed by ESXI Dump Collector
6501TCPUsed by Auto Deploy Service
6502TCPUsed by Auto Deploy Management
7444TCPUsed by Secure Token Service
8088TCPUsed by Workflow management Service
9443TCPUsed by vSphere Web Client for Secure Connections HTTPS
11711TCPUsed by VMware Directory service (vmdir) LDAP
11712TCPUsed by VMware Directory service (vmdir) LDAPS
5480TCPUsed by vCenter Server Appliance Web Console (VAMI)

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