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Types of Virtualization

There are Many types of Virtualization are available in the technology check below 4 types of Virtualization.

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typesof virt

  1. Server Virtualization:- This refers to the Virtualization of servers from Physical to Virtual. in Physical we can only run one server on one hardware but if we Virtualize servers than we can run multiple servers on a single hardware. It helps organization to save the cost & infrastructure of the company.
  2. Storage Virtualization:- This refers to the removing of physical mapping of the storage & moving storage into logical objects or  we can say Combining Multiple hard disks into one single virtualized environment.
  3.  Network Virtualization:- Similar to Storage Virtualization Physical Networking Components are Virtualized & presented to Virtual Server in a Virtualized Environment. Examples of Network Virtualization is Virtual Switch, Virtual Network Adapters, Cisco Nexus 1000V
  4. Desktop Virtualization:- It refers to the Consolidation of Desktop Computers into Virtualized Server System. Examples of Desktop Virtualization is VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.)

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