Runecast 6.2 with Kubernetes & GCP Support Released

Runecast 6.2 with Kubernetes & GCP Support Released

Runecast has come a long way from being a VMware analyzer to now providing the complete end-to-end Infrastructure compliance & security tool which gives you the benefits of Security Compliance, Issue Prevention & Remediation, Hardware compatibility checks & many more.

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Runecast is a Simplified, Intelligent platform for your Dev and SecOps teams. From on-prem to cloud, virtualized to containerized, Runecast helps you to Audit, Discover, Manage & Remediate your security & compliance issues.

Runecast works across various technologies such as VMware vSphere & It’s various products. Cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure & GCP. Kubernetes & Microsoft Windows Operating systems. So in this case your complete environment is protected from security & compliance problems.

Below is the sample Features Matrix taken from the Runecast documentation:



Runecast comes as an all-in-one security appliance that scans your environment for configuration issues, security issues, and best practices issues across the environment. Then you can easily remediate the security issues & compliance problems using Runecast only.

Recently Runecast has released its newer version, which is Runecast Analyzer 6.2 which includes Kubernetes Support, GCP Support & many more which we will see below.

Kubernetes Support:

Nowadays Kubernetes is a very hot technology in the market that most of organizations are looking for. With the latest version of Runecast 6.2, you can get insights into the nodes running on the Kubernetes cluster and greatly increase the number of vulnerabilities that customers are able to discover.

Now with the help of feature such as Container Image scanning customers can check for vulnerabilities in all container images in their environments. Which improves the overall security of your environment & Image scanning results show which fix version customers need to deploy in order to remediate detected vulnerabilities.

GCP Support:

Nowadays organizations are going for multi-cloud environments where it becomes difficult to maintain security & compliance of the infrastructure. Runecast now supports the GCP infrastructure where you can get insights for best practices, Compliance issues, etc. It will provide visibility into the complete GCP environment.

Customers can now monitor and analyze their Google Cloud environment against the latest CIS Benchmarks. With the support of OpenID Connect Integration which enables a single sign-on to Runecast Analyzer via Google account bringing a seamless user experience to users.

Other Integrations & Usability Improvements include below:

  • Jira Integration
  • Compare analyses
  • OS analysis improvements
  • Extended vSphere Collection

And many more.

The latest release of Runecast Analyzer includes very useful features which improve the overall security & compliance issues of your IT Infrastructure.

To know more about the Runecast 6.2 & Its features check the below link:

Runecast 6.2 | Optimize & Secure your Hybrid Cloud


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