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NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.1 announced

Nakivo as you all know which provides the solutions for protecting your Virtual , Physical as well as cloud environment. NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a fast, reliable, and affordable solution for business data protection in virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS environments. It offers a wide range of advanced features to increase backup performance, improve reliability and automate recovery processes, saving you time and money.

They have the incredibly good track record of releasing updates & the newer versions of their solution so that new technologies can be supported & enhancements can be done in the existing solution.

Nakivo has announced recently latest version of their solution which is 10.1 which adds 2 new features & adds more values to the product.

Nakivo backup & replication 10.1 key features:

OneDrive for Business Backup:

NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides reliable protection for OneDrive for Business to ensure that your business-critical data is accessible and recoverable at any time. Use NAKIVO Backup & Replication to back up OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online mailboxes. When the need arises, restore OneDrive files and folders and Exchange Online emails and attachments.

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Integration:

With the integration of HPE storeonce catalyst in Nakivo backup & replication you can Drastically reduce backup sizes and speed up data transfer times in your virtual environment. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst uses source-side deduplication to only transfer unique chunks of data to HPE storage systems. This allows you to reduce network load and cut down on storage requirements.

This are just 2 newly added features which adds value to the existing Nakivo backup & replication. There are many existing features which provides the complete protection to your environment, so you do not have to depend on the other solutions for virtual, physical or cloud workloads.

You can easily try their Backup & Replication solution in your environment so that you can take decision further. For trial as well please check on below link.

You can find more about the features & trial here : Nakivo backup & replication 10.1

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