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Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.2 with support of Office365 Backup

Nakivo Backup & Replication is solution which protects your physical as well as virtual workloads & now with the newer release of their backup & replication they have included the Office365 support which means you can now take backup of Office365 within Nakivo Backup & Replication only.

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Microsoft office365 is nowadays used by most organizations & data of office 365 is very critical for every organization. So, in case of protection of office365 you must have solution which protects office365 so you can be assured of your data availability



Key Features of Office 365 backup in Nakivo Backup & Replication:

  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • eDiscovery
  • Nakivo Backup & Replication


Nakivo Backup & Replication now allows you to take the backup of Microsoft office 365 exchange online accounts as well as individual user mailboxes so you can choose according to your requirement what you want to backup & you can configure backup.


Recovery as the term says Nakivo Backup & Replication allows you to easily recover your office 365 mailboxes, folders & individual mailboxes. With this recovery option whenever you lose any of user mailbox folder or the mailbox, this feature will help you to easily recovery mailbox folders as well as the complete mailbox.


eDiscovery is the unique feature which helps you to find anything in the backups of your office 365 & you can recovery the content which is required. This feature is very useful in scenarios where you are searching for attachment & files which you have received in your mailbox.

Using this above 3 key features you can easily protect your office 365 solution within minutes by using Nakivo Backup & Replication.

With Nakivo Backup & Replication you can easily take backups of your physical as well as virtual workloads & now office365 on-premises. With the locally stored backup you can easily recovery your data within minutes.

You can find more about it here: Nakivo Backup & Replication Office 365 Backup

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