Log Analysis using Runecast Analyzer

In VMware Environment every component generates log such as ESXi Hosts, vCenter Server, Virtual Machine etc. Logs are very useful at the time of troubleshooting tasks. Logs helps you to find the exact problem of the issue occurred.

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Maintaining logs can be very tough task because it requires lot of storage space and you also require log  analysis software to do the log analysis. So Runecast Analyzer has built in feature to help you with  the log analysis.

Runecast analyzer acts as a Syslog server where your ESXi and Virtual Machine logs are parsed. If any of the issue is detected, you will get the resolution with the steps.

Below is the Dashboard where you will find Log KBs discovered in your environment:

So based on the issues detected in the logs, you can find the VMware KB Articles which will help you to resolve the issues step by step.

Log Inspector is the powerful tool which help you to inspect the various logs. It will show the real time log inspection as well as historical data. So, if you want to check for older logs for finding the Root Cause Analysis , you  can filter the logs accordingly and check for the Issues and problems.

Below is view of the Log Inspector :


As you can see from above image that you will get each and every log by the time stamp and it will also show the hostname, so you can identify the hosts.

Runecast Analyzer also do important predicates such as FailedTo, SCSI_command, NMP, Unableto, Error, and shell. They are tracked from time to time and it will help you to gain quick insights into the state of your current environment.

It will help you to find the ESXi activity for the specific period, so you can find the exact root cause of the problem which has occurred.

So, It is most useful feature of Runecast Analyzer which will help you to collect and analyze the vSphere Infra logs from single pane. So, you can find the root cause analysis and work on it to resolve it and prevent the issues in future.

You can read more and check about Runecast log analysis here: Runecast Log Analytics.

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