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Installing & configuring the Altaro VM Backup

Altaro VM Backup is great solution for your virtual infrastructure as it provides many powerful tools & technologies for Backup & Restore options. The main benefit of Altaro VM Backup is that it provides both the top level virtualization technologies in one suit which is VMware & Hyper-V.

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Let’s Install the Altaro VM Backup.

Installing the Altaro VM Backup:-

Step 1:
Download the Altaro VM Backup from our Download Section.
Double click the Installer to start the Installation.
Click Next to start the Installation Process.


Step 2:
Accept the License Agreement & click Next.


Step 3:
Provide the Destination Folder for Installation & click Next.


Step 4:
Now we are ready to install the Altaro VM Backup just click on Install button to start the Installation.


Step 5:
Now you can see that Altaro VM Backup has been installed successfully.
You can Launch the Management Console.
Click Finish to close the Installer.



Now we have successfully Installed Altaro VM Backup. Now we will add vCenter Server to Altaro VM Backup.

Adding vCenter to Altaro VM Backup:-

Step 1:
Open the Altaro VM Backup.
This is the First screen You will see.
Here you can specify whether you want to connect to local machine which has Altaro VM Backup Installed.
You want to connect to the Remote machine where another Instance of Altaro VM Backup is running.
So In my case it is Local so choose “This Machine” & click “Connect” button.


Step 2:
This is the Main Dashboard of Altaro VM Backup where you will be performing all your tasks.
Here our first step is to “Add Hyper-V/VMware Host”.
So click on the Button “Add Hyper-V/VMware Host”.


Step 3:
Choose the Type of Host you want to add.
Here i am adding the vCenter Server so choose the option “VMware vCenter Server”
Click Next to proceed.


Step 4:
Here you need to provide credentials of your vCenter Server to connect.
Provide the Credentials & click on “Test Connection” button to check connectivity.
Click Next to proceed.


Step 5:
Now we are ready to add vCenter Server to Altaro VM Backup.
Here you can see your Hosts are listed.
Click on Finish button to close the Wizard.



At this stage we have successfully installed Altaro VM Backup & Added the vCenter to Altaro VM Backup. Now we will configure the Backup Locations for storing our Backups.

Setting the Backup Location:-

Step 1:
As you can see that our Host is added successfully.
Now we have to configure the Backup Location.
So click on “Choose Where to Store Backups”


Step 2:
Here you need to specify the Backup Location.
You can choose any Physical Drive or Network Path which in LAN also.
Click Next to continue.


Step 3:
Here you have to Choose the Drive where you want to store Backups.
I am using the Local Windows Drive here to store the Backups.
So choose the Drive according to your requirements.
Click Finish to close the wizard.



Till now we have successfully added the Backup location but now we have to specify which VM’s we will be Backed up.

Step 4:
You can see Your Backup Location is listed.
But you have to Add VM’s to to assign this Backup Location.
So just choose VM from left under Infrastructure.
You can Drag & Drop the VM directly to the Backup Location.


Step 5:
Here as you can see i have added 2 VM’s to the Backup Location.
So now click the button “Save Changes” in bottom to save the assigned VM to Backup Locations.




Now as you can see in the Dashboard that we have successfully configured Altaro VM Backup .




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