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How to use vSphere Diagnostic Tool in vCenter Troubleshooting ?

vSphere Diagnostic Tool

In day to day life of IT Teams or VI Admins, they come across many issues related to IT Infrastructure. Issues can be related to any of the technologies VMware, Windows, Linux, etc. But in order to solve the problem you must follow the right approach to troubleshooting. In this post, we will learn How you can use vSphere Diagnostic Tool in vCenter Troubleshooting.

vSphere Diagnostic Tool is the python script developed by the VMware community on VMware Flings. This script is excellent in terms of providing the details of the vCenter Server. Because it runs all the basic services check-in vCenter Server & shows the result whether it is Pass or Fail. So you can identify what is causing the issue in the vCenter Server. This script is designed specifically for the vCenter Server Troubleshooting only.

The Below Information is displayed by the Script:

  • vCenter Basic Info
  • vCenter DNS Check
  • Lookup Service Check
  • vCenter Active Directory Check
  • vCenter Certificate Check
  • VMdir Check
  • vCenter PostGresDB Check
  • Disk Check
  • vCenter NTP Check
  • vCenter Port Check
  • Root Account Check
  • vCenter Services Check
  • Syslog Check
  • VCHA Check

So now let’s see How you can use vSphere Diagnostic Tool to troubleshoot your vCenter Server.

Step 1:
Download vSphere Diagnostic Tool from VMware Flings Website.

vsphere diagnostic tool

Step 2:
You will get the zip file.
That you need to upload in vCenter Server.
You can use WinSCP or any other such tool to upload the zip file.

vsphere diagnostic tool

Step 3:
Login to vCenter Server using Putty or any other tool.

vsphere diagnostic tool

Step 4:
Go to the directory where you have uploaded the zip file.
Unzip the file using below command.

unzip vdt-v1.14.zip

vsphere diagnostic tool

Step 5:
After unzip you can go to the directory & run the script using python command.

python vdt.py

vsphere diagnostic tool

You will need to provide the password for user [email protected].
It will take few seconds to complete all the checks.

Once completed you will see status of all the checks completed.
You can scroll the window to check further.

vsphere diagnostic tool


That’s how you can take advantage of vSphere Diagnostic Tool in vCenter Server troubleshooting so that you can perform basic checks & if there is something you will easily come to know. With the ease of Pass/Fail result you can isolate the issue inside your vCenter Server.

Note: This vSphere Diagnostic Tool is supported for vCenter Server 6.5 & later. Make sure you are aware of the basic commands to run this script. It is recommended to run scripts under VMware Support supervision.

We have tested vSphere Diagnostic Tool in vCenter Server 8. In future supported functionality & features may change.

That’s it for Today Friends. I Hope you liked reading this post & If you find anything more to be added or removed feel free to write it in our comments. If you find it useful You are Feel free to share this on social media to help others & spread knowledge.
If you have any queries on anything you are free to write it in our comments section & we will make sure to provide you with a better solution as soon as possible.

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