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How to use PC Health Check to check Windows 11 Compatibility

PC Health Check to check Windows 11 Compatibility

PC Health check is Microsoft developed app to provide information about your system or PC. This app brings you up-to-date information on your Windows device health, helping you take action to improve your device performance and troubleshoot performance problems. It is periodically updated based on customer feedback to help you make the most of your Windows PC. In this post, we will see How you can use PC Health Check to check Windows 11 Compatibility for your system.

It is a free app so you don’t have to worry about any license or any cost. You can simply download it from Microsoft Portal. It is safe to use in your system. PC Health check comes with other features as well which you can see below:

PC Health Check Features:

  • Check Windows 11 Compatibility
  • Backup & sync
  • Windows Update
  • Battery capacity
  • Storage capacity
  • Startup time

And Tips on PC Health which you can use to improve the performance of your current PC.

So let’s see How to check Windows 11 Compatibility with PC Health Check App:

Download the PC Health Check from Microsoft Portal.
Run the Installer.


Accept the license agreement & click Install to start Installation of PC Health Check.


As you can see the PC Health Check is installed successfully.
Click Finish & Open Windows PC Health Check.


This is the default page of PC Health Check whenever you will open.
From here you can check system details.
To check Windows 11 Compatibility. You can see at the top only.
Click on Check now.


You will see the result whether your system is compatible or not.



That’s it, Using this way you can take advantage of Windows PC Health Check to check compatibility of Windows 11. So that if your system is compatible you can easily go for Windows 11 Upgrade. If your system is not compatible you won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 11.


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