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How to upgrade vCenter Server 6 to vCenter Server 6.5 Step by Step

VMware has introduced the all new vCenter server 6.5 with the launch of vSphere 6.5. New vCenter 6.5 has many significant improvements & many new features which makes the simpler management of your virtualized environment. With vSphere 6.5 VMware has removed the traditional windows vSphere client so now you have to use the vSphere web client which enables the larger set of features. Also the new HTML5 based web client is in development mode that will improve the performance & remove the dependency of the flash.

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How to Install VCSA 6.5 Step by Step ?

Let’s see how you can easily upgrade vCenter Server 6 to vCenter Server 6.5 Step by Step:

Step 1:
First take backup of your Existing vCenter Server 6 so if something goes wrong then you can restore the vCenter server.
If you are using external database then also take the backup of it.
Download the vCenter Server 6.5 from VMware Website.
Mount the ISO of vCenter Server 6.5 & run the Installer file.

Step 2:
You will see vCenter Installer will open now.
Click Install to start the installation process.


Step 3:
You can see that installer detected the existing vCenter Server 6.
Click Next to upgrade to vCenter Server 6.5.


Step 4:
Accept the license agreement.
Click Next to continue.


Step 5:
You have to provide the existing vCenter Server Single Sign-On Credentials.
As you can see that username is listed automatically, you only need to provide the password.
Below you can specify whether you want to use same credentials for new vCenter Server 6.5 or you can set the new details by unchecking the box “Use the same credentials for vCenter Server”.
Click Next to continue.


Step 6:
Installer will run the pre-upgrade checks. This could take few minutes.


[adinserter block=”3″] Step 7:
You can see the ports which are used by the vCenter Server 6.5.
Make sure that ports are available to be used by vCenter Server.
Click Next to continue.


Step 8:
You can specify which data you want to migrate from old vCenter Server to new vCenter Server.
Click Next to continue.


Step 9:
You can change the destination directory for installation.
You will see 3rd directory which will be used for Export the existing data. Data exported to this directory will not be removed after the upgrade completes.
You can save the location & manually delete the data after the successful upgrade completes.
Click Next to proceed.


Step 10:
You can join the VMware customer experience improvement program.
Click Next to continue.


Step 11:
Now we are ready to start the upgrade process.
Check the box below “I verify that i have backed up this vCenter Server machine.”
Click Upgrade to start the upgradation process.


During the upgradation you will see that older data is exported, old vCenter server is being uninstalled & newer vCenter Server 6.5 is getting installed.
This process could take 30min to 1 hr depending on your environment size.


After the successful upgrade you will see above that setup is completed & your old vCenter Server successfully upgraded to the newer version of vCenter Server 6.5.
Click Finish to close the installer. You can also launch the vSphere web client to access the vCenter Server 6.5.

That’s it now you have successfully upgraded the vCenter Server. Now you can access the vCenter Server to check & verify the virtual machines, datastores, clusters, virtual switches & other resources or data.

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  1. What version of vCenter Server have you considered ? (vCenter 6.0 GA, U1, U2 or U3)

    VMware release note mentions 6.0U3 not being supported during upgrade so could you let me know if you faced any issues during upgrade?


    1. @Kiran Rao,
      You can see in the screenshot in step no 3 which vCenter Server i have used.
      Currently i am not much aware about which version is supported upgrade.

    1. Hi Chetan,
      It is for embedded PSC but you can use it for any server because vCenter doesn’t have much hardware dependency.

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