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How to Update or Patch VCSA 6.5 using Command Line

In this series of vSphere 6.5 we have seen on how to deploy the VCSA 6.5 & How to access VCSA 6.5 Appliance Management. If you have already deployed the VCSA 6.5 then it is time to update or patch the VCSA 6.5 with the latest build. Latest build will help you to improve the performance of the Appliance as well as it will fix the bugs if there is any. Recently VMware has launched the new Update or Patch for the VCSA 6.5. The build number for the latest is VCSA Size of the Update is around 1.6GB.

There are 2 methods for Update or Patch the VCSA 6.5. If you want to use the GUI method then check below link:

In this post we will see on second method which will be done using the Command Line.

Below find my Current details of VCSA 6.5 & the Patch details which will be updated.

 VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.0a

(Currently Installed)

VCSA Build Number 4944578
VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.0b
(Latest Update released on 14th March 2017)
VCSA Build Number 5178943

Steps to be taken before Update or Patch Process:
Take Backup or Snapshot of Virtual Machine.
If you are using external database take Backup of Database.

First you need to download the Patch from the VMware website.


Mount the Patch ISO to the VCSA 6.5 VM using vSphere web client or ESXi web client.
Enable SSH in the VCSA 6.5.

Step 1:
Connect to VCSA 6.5 using SSH. (Putty)


Step 2:
Run the Following command to stage the ISO.

software-packages stage --iso


You will be asked to Accept the terms & conditions.
Enter Yes to continue.


Step 3:
Run the following command to list the staged packages. You will get all details about the new patch such as Release date,Version & Build Number etc etc.

software-packages list --staged


Step 4:
Now we are ready to install the Patch packages.
Run below command to install staged packages.

software-packages install --staged


Now you can see that patch process has started. It will take few minutes to complete.
After successful Installation you will be asked to Reboot the server to complete the installation.
Reboot the VCSA 6.5 to complete the Patching.

Using this way you can easily patch your existing VCSA 6.5 with the latest patches.

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