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How to Prepare IaaS host for vRealize Automation

IaaS Web server provides the user interface in the vRealize Automation portal for the administration and consumption of IaaS components. IaaS server is a windows server in which we install the IaaS agent which is used for various services & process by vRealize Automation.

The IaaS Web site provides infrastructure administration and service authoring capabilities to the vRealize Automation console. The Web site component communicates with the Model Manager, which provides it with updates from the Distributed Execution Manager (DEM), proxy agents and database. The Model Manager communicates with the database, the DEMs, and the portal Web site. The Model Manager is divided into two separately installable components: the Model Manager Web service and the Model Manager data component.

So let’s see How to Prepare IaaS server for vRealize Automation:

Step 1:
IaaS agent can be downloaded from VMware portal or you can download duing the installation of vRealize Automation.
Below in the image you can see the agent which is already downloaded.
Run the installer to start the installation of agent.

prepare iaas host

Step 2:
Agent installation wizard will start. click Next to continue.

prepare iaas host

Step 3:
Read & accept the license agreement & click Next to continue.

prepare iaas host

Step 4:
Specify the installation directory for the agent installation. click Next to continue.

prepare iaas host

Step 5:
Here you need to provide vRA appliance address , username & password.
Click on Load to load the SHA1 fingerprint of your vRA appliance.

prepare iaas host

Step 6:
As you can see that fingerprint is displayed.
Check the box “I confirm the fingerprint matches the management site service SSL certificate” & click Next to continue.

iaas agent installation

Step 7:
Provide the service account which will be used by the IaaS agent.
Click Next to continue.

iaas agent installation

Step 8:
Click Install to start the installation of the agent.

iaas agent installation

Agent Installation will take few seconds to complete.

iaas agent installation

Once the installation is completed you can click Finish to complete the installation & exit the wizard.

This IaaS agent installation either you can do before installation of vRealize Automation or you must do during the installation step of Discovered hosts so that your IaaS host can be discovered without this you can not go ahead for vRA deployment.

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