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How to Patch vCenter Server 8 Step by Step

Patch vCenter Server 8

Every product or solution you are using in your IT Infrastructure or anywhere requires patching & upgrading so that it can run smoothly and bugs can be removed from time to time. In our scenario for the VMware environment as well we have to perform regular patching of VMware Products so that we don’t face problems & it can run well. In this post, we will see How to Patch vCenter Server 8 Step by Step.

VMware vCenter Server is the most important solution through which you can access & manage your complete VMware Infrastructure, So it is very important to keep your vCenter Server up to date with the latest patches so it can function well.

vCenter Server patching is a simple process that you can perform by using VAMI (vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface). You just need to have the patching file.

Note: Before starting patching make sure you have a proper backup configured & take a snapshot of VCSA VM as well. So that if anything goes wrong you can revert the snapshot.

So let’s see How to Patch vCenter Server 8 Step by Step:

Step 1:
Download the desired patch file from VMware Portal.
You can go to VMware Patches.
Select the product as VC, Select version.
You will get a list of available patches.
Download the required patch.


Step 2:
Upload the downloaded Patch file to any of shared datastore which can be accessed by VCSA VM.


Step 3:
Map the ISO to the VCSA VM.
Login to VAMI page using root account.


Step 4:
Go to Update from the left navigation bar.
Select Dropdown Check Updates > Check CD ROM.
If your vCenter has direct internet access then you can go for check CD ROM + URL. In that case you don’t have to download & upload the patch ISO.
Patch file will be directly pulled from VMware Portal.


Step 5:
You will get the patch details.
If you are patching through Internet then it is must you Stage patch first then go for Installation.


Step 6:
Once you click Install, wizard will popup.
Accept the license agreement.


Step 7:
You can also join VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program.


Step 8:
Make you you have backed up your vCenter Server.
Click Finish to start patching.


You can see that Patching has started, It may take time few minutes based on your environment.


You can see that Patch is installed successfully & completed.


Now you can verify vCenter functionality, services status etc so to make sure it is healthy & there are no issues.

Using this way you can easily patch your vCenter Server 8 using the VAMI page. You can also perform patching using the command line by mapping patch ISO to VCSA VM.

If you have not installed the vCenter Server 8, you can have a look at our post for step-by-step Installation:

How to Install vCenter Server 8 Step by Step ?

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