How to Install & Configure BDRSuite v7.0.0

Install & Configure BDRSuite v7.0.0

BDRSuite is the Backup and Disaster Recovery solution from Vembu. BDRSuite provides a data protection solution to your IT infrastructure such as VMware, Windows, Linux & Cloud environments. It also provides protection to the various critical applications. So in this post, we will see How you can Install and configure BDRSuite in your environment.

BDRSuite provides a unified data protection solution that can protect your On-premise, Cloud as well and SaaS applications. So you don’t have to look for any other data protection product. These are supported platforms under BDRSuite 7 data protection Hyper-V, KVM, Windows & Linux Servers, Windows, Linux & Mac Endpoints, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, AWS EC2 Instances, Azure VMs, and Applications and DBs like MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MS SQL, MySQL & PostgreSQL.

In this post, we will see how you can Install and configure BDRSuite in your IT infrastructure.

First, you have to download BDRSuite from the BDRSuite website. Which comes as a Windows Installer file so you can easily install it in Windows Servers.

After you download the BDRSuite you will get a setup like this:
Run the setup to start the Installation wizard.


BDRSuite Installation wizard will start.
Click Next to continue.


Read & Accept the license agreement for BDRSuite.


Specify the installation directory where you want to install BDRSuite.


Here you will see all BDRSuite products listed.
If you are looking for few or specific products then you can select here or go with all the products.


If you are having large IT Infrastructure in that case you can opt for Cluster Installation which will help you on scalability & load balancing.


Select storage location for the database of BDRSuite.


You will get the Backup Server settings where you can customize credentials, service account, network ports etc.


Once you click Install, Wizard will start installation & it will take few minutes based on your environment.
Once installed successfully you will get complete the wizard window.
Click Finish to exit the BDRSuite Installation wizard.


Below you can see the home page of BDRSuite login.
Where you can see all the data protection solutions available in BDRSuite.


Using this simple installation way you can perform BDRSuite installation in your environment.

BDRSuite comes in 3 different editions which are Enterprise, Standard & Free edition. Enterprise Edition comes with all the full rich feature set whereas Standard Edition comes without some of the features such as Replication, Instant Boot Live Migration, etc. Check this link to know more about pricing & licensing: BDRSuite Pricing & Licensing.

If you haven’t installed BDRSuite in your environment, you can check the below link to get a free trial:

BDRSuite 7

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