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How to Create Custom Alarm in vCenter ?

Monitoring the infrastructure is always the important task for IT team to manage all the resources well. If you are using the vSphere Virtual Infrastructure then also you have to monitor your VM’s , Hosts, vCenter’s so to monitor the virtual infra VMware provides the Alarms which are used to notify users about specific events, Conditions & state of objects in the vCenter. vCenter comes with many Pre-configured alarms to monitor your infra but you in case you need to monitor your infra according to your requirements then you can also create custom alarms which will notify you in case of events , conditions & states.

Alarms helps IT Team to manage the virtual infrastructure & to identify the issues & problems related to virtual machines, Hosts, Cluster, Virtual Switches etc.

So let’s see how to create your own custom alarm to monitor your vCenter objects.

How to Create Custom Alarm :-

Step 1:
Login to vCenter Server using vSphere Web Client.
Choose the vCenter Server.
Click on Manage Tab.
Click Alarm Definitions.
Here you can see that many already configured alarms are provided by default.
But we are creating our custom alarm so click on Green plus icon to create new alarm.


Step 2:

Provide the Name & Description for your Alarm.
In the Monitor Drop Down you can specify the object which you want to monitor.
You can monitor different objects such as VM, Hosts, Clusters, Datacenter, Datastores, Distributed Switches, Distributed Port Groups, Datastore Clusters, vCenter Server.
I am going with Virtual Machines you can choose the one according to your requirement.
You can have option to create alarm for specific conditions or specific events.
You can also Enable Alarm at the time of creation by checking Box “Enable Alarm”.
Click Next to proceed.


Step 3:
Here we have to specify the conditions for which Alarm should be generated.
So for adding the condition click on Green Plus icon.
After adding the condition click on condition to choose the which trigger you want to use.
You can also specify the conditions for warnings & critical .
click Next for continue.


Step 4:
Now you have to configure Action for your alarm.
Click on Green Plus icon to add new action.
After action is added you can choose the Action & choose from drop down whether you want to Enable Notification , Email alert etc.
You can also set the Values for Warning, Critical as shown.
You can either use it to generate Action once or it will be repeat process.
So after adding action.
Click Finish to save & close the Alarm.



Now you have successfully created alarm. You can also test your alarm.

Check below Screenshot for Alarm i have created & Tested.




Now you have successfully created & configured Alarm. You can create & configure alarms for your environment monitoring as much as you want.

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