How to Configure VM Backup Template in BDRSuite 7.0.0

Configure VM Backup Template in BDRSuite 7.0.0

BDRSuite is the Backup and Disaster Recovery solution from Vembu. BDRSuite provides a data protection solution to your IT infrastructure such as VMware, Windows, Linux & Cloud environments. It also provides protection to the various critical applications. So in this post, we will see How to configure VM Backup Template  in BDRSuite in your environment.

BDRSuite provides a very useful feature called as VM Backup Template. This feature will help you to configure backup jobs easily where you can configure all the backup job requirements in 1 template & you can apply these template whenever you are configuring the backup. So every time you don’t have to spend time in configuring the backup settings for each job.

VM Backup Template provides all the required configurations such as Backup Schedules, Retention, VM Guest OS and application-related settings, etc. This feature is very much needed when you have a large IT infrastructure & have to set up backups of various applications & critical servers.

So let’s see how you can configure the VM Backup Template in BDRSuite:

Login to the BDRSuite console.
Go to Backup > Backup Job Template Configuration.
Provide basic details for Backup Template.


Configure any disk exclusions if required.


If your VM is having critical application then you can configure required settings here.


You can also configure VMware Quiescing for backup consistency of critical applications ervers.


Setup the schedule for your Backup Job so that once template is ready you can easily apply this Backup Template to the VM Backup job,


You can configure Retention settings as well which helps you to retain restore points.
Further you can also configure Encryption & Advance settings.


Review the backup template configuration & click save.


You can see that backup template is created & saved.


This is how you can easily create Backup Template in BDRSuite which will help you to configure your backup jobs easily without much hassle. This is one time work where in you setup backup job template & apply this template to backup jobs directly.

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