How to Configure Openfiler ?

Openfiler is an Linux based operating system that provides file-based network-attached storage(NAS) and block-based storage area network(SAN). Openfiler helps you to build the very powerful & reliable networked storage solution which is easily managed by the Openfiler browser based management UI. It provides the file based storage networking protocols such as NFS & CIFS which ensures cross platform compatibility for Windows, Linux & Unix. It also provides the iSCSI Target & Fibre channel features which can be used in the virtualized environments such as VMware & XenServer. Openfiler helps the Storage administrators & IT Team to deploy , manage & utilize the storage efficiently within multi-platform network.

In this post we will help you with some of the configurations & settings that you will need to do just after the installation.

After successful installation of Openfiler you will see this screen :-


Now you can directly browse to the Openfiler configurations using the browser. Just put the IP address or the Hostname of the Openfiler into the browser.

https://IP or Hostname of Openfiler:446/

You will see the below login screen.


The default username & password for the Openfiler is:

Username : openfiler
Password : password

Status :-

This is the Main Home Screen which shows the status & all the system details of the Server.


System :-

Now we will configure the Network access for the openfiler. This Network will get access to the openfiler based storage.
To configure the Network Access go to System menu.
Choose the Network Setup from System section on the right.
Here you can see first Network Configuration of the Openfiler & below you can see the NIC Information you can also configure the Network details by clicking on Configure.

In the Network Access Configuration you will be configuring the Network for the access of the Openfiler storage by third party devices.
First provide the Name, Network or you can also specify single host, Netmask & choose the Type to share to allow access.
Click Update to save the Network configuration.



Volumes :-

Volumes menu provides the different volume configurations options.
For configuring the Volumes go to the Volumes section on the right.
From Volumes Section you can Manage Volumes, Create Volume Groups, See available Block Devices, Add Volume, Creating iSCSI Targets & Software RAID.
In the Block Devices you can see the Available Blocks with the Size.



Cluster :-

In the Cluster Menu you can Configure & Setup the Cluster.



Quota :-

Here you can specify & assign the Quota to the users & groups.



Shares :-

In the Shares you can see the Network shares & by clicking on the Share you can view & edit the Share information.



We will look at the services which Openfiler has.
Go to the Services menu.
Here you can see the various service from which you can start/stop & Enable/Disable the service from here.
You can also Setup the Services from the Services Section on the right.



Accounts :-

Account Menu will help you with all the User management tasks.
From Account section on the right you can set the Authentication methods such as LDAP & Active Directory.



Password Reset:

Password Reset it the first thing need to do after logging into Openfiler.
Go to Admin Password from Account section on the right.
Provide the Current password & New password & click on Submit to set the new password.



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  1. I get the below error when I login to openfiler from chrome

    The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

    1. Hi Pawan,
      May be it is because of browser issue, you can try other browsers.
      You can also try older version of browsers if possible.

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