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Host Remediation Settings in VMware Update Manager

In this post we will see on ESXi Host Remediation settings which you can configure in Update Manager before going for Upgrade of ESXi Hosts. This settings will help you to easily upgrade ESXi hosts without any issues.

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Host Remediation settings allows you to prevent from issues such as Entering Host in Maintenance Mode, Changing the Power state of VMs & Migration of VMs. If your Hardware supports the quick boot feature which is recently introduced with vSphere 6.7 so you can also enable Quick boot for ESXi hosts which supports it so you don’t have to wait much longer for starting of Physical Servers.

So let’s see which are the settings for Host Remediation and How you can configure them:

Step 1:
Login to vSphere Web Client.
Go to Update Manager.
Go to Settings Tab.
Expand Remediation Settings.
Select Hosts.
Here you can view the settings which you can configure for Host Remediation.
Click on Edit to configure or change the settings.

host remediation settings Update Manager


Step 2:
Here you can configure Below settings for Host Remediation:

  • VM Power state: You can configure VM power state such as Power Off or Suspend VMs.
  • Retry Maintenance Mode: You can configure Maintenance Mode retry options in case when host fails to enter maintenance mode. You can configure Retry Delay and Number of Retries to enter Maintenance Mode.
  • Allow Installation of Additional Software on PXE Booted hosts.
  • Migrate VMs: You can Enable or Disbale powered off & suspended VMs migration while host entering Maintenance mode.
  • Disconnect Removable: You can Enable or Disable Disconnection of Removable Media devices which are connected to Virtual Machines which prevents host from entering Maintenance mode. If the VM has any removable media then there might be chances that host will fail to enter Maintenance mode.
  • Enable Quick Boot: If you Physical Hardware supports Quick Boot feature then you can configure it here so you don’t have to wait for longer startup times of hardware.

After configuring all the settings you can click on Save to save configuration & exit the wizard.

host remediation settings Update Manager


Once you configure and save all the configuration you can view it, So if there is any configuration is not changed you can go to Edit and configure it.

host remediation settings Update Manager


Using this way you can easily configure Host Remediation options which can prevent ESXi hosts from Entering Maintenance mode and can prevent upgrade of Hosts. Additionally you can also configure quick boot for hosts directly from here so it will be configured for all the Hosts.

It is always recommended to view and configure this settings for smooth upgrade of your ESXi hosts.

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