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On this page, we will show you the solutions which are used in Small and Medium Organizations or large enterprises. This solution includes data protection products, monitoring products, etc.

The products listed here are free for trial with some limitations but positive thing is that you can download & try them in your environment so that you can test all the functionalities of the product to find out whether they meet your requirements. Mostly all these products are used by the IT Teams, VM Admins or you can say, Technical Teams.

Note: There is no sequence on this page like one is highest or one is lowest. All are available based on their features & functionalities. So you can choose to go with the one which fulfills your requirements.

VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup)


Hornetsecurity is a leading global provider of next-generation cloud-based security, compliance, backup, and security awareness solutions that help companies and organisations of all sizes around the world.

Hornetsecurity is the only vendor offering email security, backup, and compliance in ONE package for Microsoft 365, with more than 400+ employees in 12 regional offices around the world. It operates through its international network of 8000 partners and its 11 redundant datacentres worldwide. For more information, visit

VM Backup (formerly Altaro VM Backup): This is a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use backup and replication solution for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines (VMs) and physical Windows servers, to protect against enterprise data loss. The award-winning solution provides robust, streamlined and enterprise-level functionality.

A Hornetsecurity Podcast: The Security Swarm

A weekly conversation of the most critical issues facing the world of cybersecurity today, hosted by Andy Syrewicze, Security Evangelist at Hornetsecurity. The world of cybersecurity should not be taken on alone – it’s time to join the swarm.


Nakivo VM Backup & Replication:


NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a fast, reliable, and affordable solution for business data protection in the virtual, physical, cloud, and SaaS environments. It offers a wide range of advanced features to increase backup performance, improve reliability and automate recovery processes, saving you time and money. Nakivo Backup & Replication solution provides the protection for your Virtual, Physical as well as cloud environment.

Nakivo provides a comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery solution that meets the data protection needs & fulfills the requirements of SMBs & Enterprises in every industry across the world.

To get free trial for Nakivo VM Backup & Replication: Nakivo VM Backup & Replication


Runecast Analyzer:


Runecast is a single platform that automates proactive audits of your on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud infrastructure for better security, visibility, and time savings, enabling Security and Operations teams to accomplish more with less. Operations teams can improve visibility and decrease time wasted on troubleshooting and operational costs, freeing time to focus more on the projects that contribute to business growth.

A simplified, intelligent platform for your Dev and SecOps teams. From on-prem to cloud, virtualized to containerized. Which helps you in optimize & secure your IT Infrastructure.

Try Runecast Analyzer for 14 days with full functionality: Runecast Analyzer






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