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Best Practices to Backup Virtual Machine

Every application runs on the virtual machines so to keep your applications & virtual machine running well you must have solutions in place to recover from any failures. Backups are the mostly used & common methodology go protect your virtual machines.

You can use any solution available in the market to backup virtual machines. There are certain features which you should have in your solution so that your virtual machines are backed up successfully & data integrity is maintained. So that in case of any disaster you have your backups ready to restore.

Let us have a look at 4 best practices to back up your VMs:

  1. VMware vSphere Storage APIs:

It is the Data Protection for the next generation of VMware’s data protection framework originally introduced in vSphere 4.0 that enables backup products to do centralized, efficient, off-host LAN free backup of vSphere virtual machines. VMware provides the Storage APIs for the backup providers so that they can use those APIs into their solution to backup vms efficiently.

A backup product using VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection can backup vSphere virtual machines from a central backup server or virtual machine without requiring backup agents or requiring backup processing to be done inside each guest virtual machine on the ESX host. This offloads backup processing from ESX hosts and reduces costs by allowing each ESX host to run more virtual machines.

Checkout more on vSphere Storage APIs.

  1. Scheduling your Backups efficiently:

This is one of the most critical point which every IT team should take care when scheduling backup it must be scheduled during the time when there is very less load on the systems & networks. If Backup is scheduled at the wrong time, it can block the system & network resources which will result in the unavailability of applications.

You can try to segregate the backup network traffic so that it should not affect your regular network of VMs. You can also try to run backups at various times & separate days to avoid all the backup operations at the same time which can result in failures.

  1. Test & Verify VM Backups :

Just taking backups is not the way to protect your virtual machines. You should also regularly perform testing & verification of your backups so to avoid any critical issues while restoration. Test & verify virtual machine backup will give you view on how your backups are working & how much time it can take to restore the complete backup. You can also schedule backup verification drills so that you can verify all the backups are fine & easily restored without any failure.

Nowadays many backup solutions come with this feature so you must have this option in your solution.

  1. Backup locations:

Storing of your backup is one of the critical things which will decide on how much time it will take to restore the backup. Most used backup locations in the industry are Tape drives, Network Shares etc.

Many backup solutions provide storing of backups at offsite locations , cloud locations & more. So, it is recommended you should have one of such backup locations. Backups stored in the cloud are easily accessible from any locations so that whenever you require any restoration it can be performed without any hassle.

Nakivo backup & replication offers all the above provided options in one solution.

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