BDRSuite Detailed Overview

BDRSuite Detailed Overview

BDRSuite is a unified data protection solution from Vembu. BDR basically means Backup & Disaster Recovery. As mentioned, unified protection BDRSuite provides you with complete protection for your environment whether it can be Physical, Virtual, Cloud & SaaS applications.

Vembu is having a very good name in providing data protection solutions to the IT infrastructure. Vembu caters to organizations from small to large-scale IT companies. The products under the BDRSuite come with the data protection needs of organizations of any size – from a simple IT setup for small and medium businesses to highly sophisticated data centers at affordable prices.

Every organization requires backup & disaster recovery solutions to protect their IT infrastructure from various events such as security breaches, disasters, virus attacks, or human errors. In most of the cases, organizations simply go for free solutions which don’t protect their infrastructure completely instead it is used just for the compliance perspective.

BDRSuite is a simple & unified data protection solution that provides all the features to protect your IT infrastructure. BDRSuite comes with a Backup as well as a Disaster Recovery solution so if you are looking for a Backup & Disaster solution then this product is for you.

BDRSuite comes with simple 2 types of Installation where you can install BDRSuite in Windows Servers or Linux Ubuntu. Below are supported versions of operating systems in which you can install BDRSuite as of now. Perhaps this can change in the future.

Microsoft Windows: Windows Server 2022 (64-bit)

Windows Server 2019 (64-bit)

Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)

Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)

Windows 11 & Windows 10 (64-bit)

Linux:                            Ubuntu 20.04 LTS & 18.04 LTS (64-bit)


BDRSuite can be installed in Standalone Installation or Clustered Installation which provides scalability & load balancing. So before going for installation you can consult with Vembu Team & explain your requirements & infrastructure so that they can suggest to you the best available options. You can also go for 30 Day trial where you can explore the features & functionalities of the BDRSuite.

Installation & Home Page:
Installation of BDRSuite is quite easy you just must download the installer in the windows server & follow the steps. In 4-5 easy clicks you can have your BDRSuite ready to use. As part of the Initial configuration, you have to set up Backup Repository, Data Sources (VMware/Hyper-V) & Backup Job.

Below is the home page of BDRSuite:


As you can see from the above image the BDRSuite home page is quite self-explanatory & easy to navigate. At the top, you have your various environments which you can protect & below is the menu bar which helps you to perform various operations which are configuring backup jobs, replication, recovery & reports.

Now let’s see what the key functionalities of BDRSuite are:

VM Backup & Replication:
VM backup & replication functionality allows you to easily take backup of your virtual machines which are running on VMware & Hyper-V environments. It is a completely agentless backup, so you don’t have to install any backup agents. It uses the vSphere APIs for Data Protection (VADP) to provide agentless image-level backup and replication for the VMware VMs. In the case of Hyper-V, it uses Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) technology for Hyper-V host and cluster-level backups

You can configure Synthetic Full backup, Incremental backup & application-aware backup for virtual machines running on ESXi & Hyper-V.

You can see below sample VM Backup job:


As part of Recovery, you can perform Full VM Recovery, Disk Level Recovery, Granular File-level Recovery & Application Item-level Recovery. You can also Instantly Boot VM to save RTO.

For Replication, you can easily configure VM Replication for VMware environments and Hyper-V Servers or cluster replication. For which you can perform failover & failback whenever required.

SaaS Backup:
SaaS (Software as a service) is what we all know now a very popular term in the IT industry. BDRSuite supports 2 SaaS services which are Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace.

In the case of Microsoft 365, you can protect the entire Microsoft Office 365 domain, which includes Mails, Contacts, Calendar events, SharePoint Online Sites, Teams, Group/Shared Mailbox & files & folders from OneDrive for Business by backing up the data to the on-premises datacenter.

In the case of Google Workspace, you can protect various applications of Google Workspace which are Mails, Calendar, Contacts, and Google Drive data directly to your on-premises datacenter.

Backup for Microsoft Windows:
Backup for Microsoft Windows is a simple and reliable image-based backup solution to protect your Windows Servers and Workstations. You can create a full image backup of your entire system including the operating system (OS), applications, and all the data associated with it. Backup allows you to rebuild your Windows systems from scratch to the same or new hardware. Also, you can have your backup copies in a remote location, Cloud, or on Tape.

Backup for AWS:
If you are using AWS cloud in your environment, then you can take benefit of the BDRSuite to protect your EC2 instances from data loss due to human error or security attacks. BDRSuite allows you to easily perform Backup & Recovery of EC2 instances.

Backup for File Servers:
File Servers are most used in every organization to store various types of files or store backups. If you lose the File server, you can lose all your data. So, it is important to protect your File Servers. With BDRSuite for File Servers, you can granularly backup your business-critical data across file servers of Windows, Linux, and NAS.

Backup for Endpoints:
You can protect your Windows & Mac Endpoints by using BDRSuite. So that in case of any system failure, System Crash, or disaster you can easily recover files & folders of Endpoints. It also supports compression & encryption.

Applications Backup:
With the help of BDRSuite, you can protect your applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, System State, and MySQL without backing up the complete machine. You can backup the entire application data or only the required databases.

So as of now, we have learned about all the functionalities of BDRSuite which helps in protecting your IT Infrastructure. Now you can easily understand how comprehensive the BDRSuite solution is. It comes with all the features to protect your Infrastructure such as Backup, Recovery, Compression, Encryption, Replication & many more.

We have tested the BDRSuite in our LAB environment & we found below unique features which are useful:

Backup Job Template:
Backup Job Template is one of the key features of BDRSuite which makes IT Teams tasks very easy to configure backups. In the Backup Job Template, you will configure the settings such as Schedule, Guest Processing, Exclusions, Backup Type, Guest processing & additional settings. So that while configuring VM backup you can simply apply a pre-configured Backup Job Template.

Standalone as well as Clustered Deployment:
BDRSuite comes with 2 types of deployment options, so which are standalone or Clustered. This can be very useful in case you have large environments where a huge number of Virtual Machines are backed up daily so that you can easily opt for Clustered Deployment option to take advantage of scalability & load balancing.

BDRSuite 360:
BDR 360 is a centralized monitoring tool that gives end-to-end visibility on all the backup jobs configured from multiple BDR Backup Servers and Offsite DR Servers through a centralized user interface. It can be used by IT administrators and Managed Service Providers to monitor their Vembu BDR Backup Servers and Vembu Offsite DR Servers distributed across multiple locations.

Ease of Use:
BDRSuite comes with easy-to-use navigation where if someone doesn’t have any experience in using backup solutions still, they can easily navigate & configure backup jobs with few clicks.

To know more about BDRSuite, Checkout official website: BDRSuite Homepage

BDRSuite comes in 3 different editions which are Enterprise, Standard & Free edition. Enterprise Edition comes with all the full rich feature set whereas Standard Edition comes without some of the features such as Replication, Instant Boot Live Migration, etc. Check this link to know more about pricing & licensing: BDRSuite Pricing & Licensing.

BDRSuite comes with flexible licensing options that suites all sizes of environments.

If you are looking to try BDRSuite in your environment, then you can check the below link to a free trial:

BDRSuite Free Trial


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