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BDRSuite as you all know that Backup & Disaster Recovery solution from Vembu. BDRSuite provides a complete data protection solution to various infrastructures such as Private Cloud, Public Cloud (AWS), SaaS Applications & Endpoints. In this post, we will learn about the latest version of BDRSuite v5.5 which comes with new features & enhancements to the existing solution.

BDRSuite is a comprehensive data protection solution for your IT infrastructure where you can easily protect your infrastructure from a single window, which could be On-premise, Cloud. So that you don’t have to depend on multiple solutions to protect your different environments. BDRSuite comes with an easy setup & use functionality where you can easily Install & configure BDRSuite.

Key Features in BDRSuite 5.5:

VMware vSphere 8 Support:

VMware has announced the newer version of vSphere 8 recently. So now many of the organizations would start upgrading to the vSphere 8 & as well as new installations will be on vSphere 8. BDRSuite has added support for vSphere 8. So that your vSphere environment can be easily protected & you can take successful backups of your virtual machines.

Backup for VMware VM Templates:

VMware VM Templates are daily used by the IT Admins to deploy the virtual machines. Where VMware VM Templates are also called golden images. As of now, there was no option to protect VM Templates where if you lose it there is no way to recover it, But now with the BDRSuite 5.5, you can easily take the backup of VM Templates & restore them whenever required.

Google Cloud Backup Repository:

The backup Repository plays the important role in data protection because it is the location where your actual backup data is stored. It’s up to your data protection solution to support multiple Backup Repositories so you can store your critical backup data on local storage, cloud, etc. With the release of BDRSuite 5.5, you can have the additional option of Google Cloud Storage as your Backup Repository. BDRSuite already supports the cloud backup repositories such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Wasabi, etc.

ConnectWise Integration:

ConnectWise is IT Management software that offers various functionalities such as Unified Monitoring & Management for your Infrastructure. Now with BDRSuite 5.5 supports the integration with ConnectWise so you can create service tickets automatically in ConnectWise Manage for BDRSuite activities. The tickets can be created for various tasks (Backup/Restore/Replication) and different task statuses (Success/Failed) on relevant service boards.

Backup & Recovery for Google Workspace Shared Drive:

Many enterprises use Google Workspace for their day-to-day management of various teams. Where a shared Drive is used to store the data, files, etc. Now BDRSuite 5.5 can backup your Shared Drive data & it can be restored whenever required.

These are the Key functionalities of BDRSuite 5.5 which add value to the existing data protection solution. In the evolving IT world where every month technologies get upgraded or changed you must have a data protection solution that can be trusted & reliable for your IT infrastructure.

BDRSuite 5.5 Enhancements:

  • VMware Backup Performance increased by 2x
  • VMware CBT Reset
  • Parallel Disk Image Backup
  • Parallel Synthetic Full Backup
  • Auxiliary Applications for Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Restore to a mailbox in different Organization (Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace)
  • Restore the backed up user mails directly from Microsoft 365 console through BDRSuite Add-in for Outlook
  • Download Restore Logs for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Breadcrumbs view for OneDrive and Group OneDrive Restore
  • Enhanced progress window for Offsite Replication

BDRSuite comes as a Single unified data protection solution for your IT Infrastructure. It also supports various Installation options.

Vembu BDRSuite comes in 3 different editions Free, Standard, and Enterprise. The free edition has very limited features whereas the Enterprise edition has all the features which you are looking for.

Vembu BDRSuite comes as a Free Edition as well so before buying the product you can check and test it in your environment. You can also request a Demo for Vembu. It is also optimized for Service Providers looking to provide BaaS and DRaaS to their customers.

If you are looking for a Demo of the BDRSuite & technical discussions with the Vembu team for the same you can check out below link:

BDRSuite Demo & Trial

If you are looking for a detailed review of the BDRSuite so you can check out our review:

BDRSuite Detailed Review

Below you can see the various offerings from the Vembu:

Vembu Data Protection Solutions



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