BDR Suite Endpoint Protection

BDR Suite Endpoint Protection

An endpoint is also referred to as the windows desktop or mac desktop which is used by the end users in the organization. Endpoints stores most of the critical data because every user stores their data in their local systems. In this post, we will learn about how Vembu can help you to protect endpoints in your organization & what are benefits of it.

Every organization has various departments working in it such as Accounts, Finance, Marketing, etc. And every department has people in it who are working on their workstations & usually those people save their important data into their systems daily. So that they can easily access data. In order to protect their workstation data IT Team must use a reliable data protection solution that protects the local files, and folders & also it is easy to recover those data if something happens.

Vembu BDR Suite comes with Endpoint support already, so you don’t have to buy a separate solution for your endpoints. So now you can easily protect your complete IT infrastructure whether it is VMware or Hyper-V environment, Microsoft 365 & Google workspace, AWS instances as well as workstation backup.

Key features of End Point Protection:

  • Files/Folders Backup
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Interruption-free Backup
  • Deleted File Retention
  • In-built Compression & Encryption
  • Restore anywhere
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Backup Window
  • Backup Reports
  • Email Notification

As you can see from the above-listed features which protect your endpoints easily & you can configure a backup window so that daily end-user work is not interrupted. Backup can be performed easily in non-production hours.

So in order to protect the endpoints you have to install a BDR client in each of the endpoints which you want to protect. You can easily download from your BDR Suite by going into Endpoints & then Data sources > Download BDR Client.



Once you download BDR Client, you can easily install it using the windows installer wizard. You will see the Vembu Network Backup Client shortcut on your desktop as well as in the taskbar. You can access Vembu Network Backup Client online console to see the backup schedule, set up new backups, and perform recovery.

Below you can see the sample home page of the Vembu Network Backup Client online console:



Using the home page of the Vembu Network Backup client online console you can view the dashboard for current activities, Backup Job details, etc. If there is any issue with the client & BDR Suite you can also perform test connectivity by going into settings.

Using the Network Backup client you can configure individual backups such as Files/Folders, MS Exchange Server, MS Exchange Mailbox, MS SQL Server, MS SharePoint, MS Outlook & MySQL. You can set up a Backup window using which your backups won’t run at a specified time so to avoid interruptions to the work.

Flexible Scheduling functionality allows you to configure full backups as well as incremental backups on a minute-by-minute, hourly, daily, or weekly basis. So that your data is protected every time.

This also makes it easy to restore operations so that the local IT Team can easily perform recovery of endpoints without any hassle.

Note: In this post, we have used Windows Server 2016 for our testing purpose. So if you are using Linux or Mac in that case some features or steps may differ.

Update on BDR Suite 5.3:

If you are using BDR Suite version 5.3 you can easily perform Endpoint installation on Windows Desktops directly from the BDR Suite console. Which makes it easy to manage.



Endpoint backup is supported on below operating systems:

Windows (64-bit) –

  • Windows Server 2012 & above
  • Windows 8.1 & above

Debian Linux (64-bit) –

  • Debian Linux 10.0 & above
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & above

Red Hat Linux (64-bit) –

  • CentOS 7.0 & above
  • Cloud Linux 7.10 & above
  • Fedora 32 & above
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 & above
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5 & above

Mac –

  • MacOS Mojave 10.14 & above

So now you can easily protect endpoints in your organization using Vembu Endpoint protection which comes with BDR Suite. BDR Suite comes with 2 types of licensing options CPU Socket level and VM level. So if you looking to protect only a few VMs you can opt for VM-level pricing as well & if you have a large infrastructure that you want to protect then you can opt for CPU Socket level pricing.

BDR Suite usually comes in 3 different editions which are Free, Standard & Enterprise. In the Free edition, there is a limit of up to 10 VMs only you can protect. Whereas the Standard edition includes most of the features for your data protection needs.

In the case of Enterprise Edition, you get the advantage of features such as Parallel VM Processing, Instant Boot Live Migration, and Automated Backup Verification. On top of it, you also get the benefit of Replication functionality in which you can perform VM replication, VM Failover & Failback in case of any disaster or such events.

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