BDR Suite 5.3 What’s New

BDR Suite 5.3 What’s New

Every organization requires backup & disaster recovery solutions to protect their IT infrastructure from various events such as security breaches, disasters, virus attacks, or human errors. In most of cases, organizations simply go for free solutions which don’t protect their infrastructure completely instead it is used just for the compliance perspective.

Recently a newer version of BDR Suite has been released which includes some new features as well as product enhancements that improve the overall product functionality & provide reliable data protection.

New Features:

Azure Blob as Backup Repository

The backup Repository plays a vital role in storing the backups. You must always make sure to have a secure backup repository so to avoid data loss. Now with the latest version of BDR Suite, you can use your cloud Azure Blob as a Backup repository to store your backups.

Active Directory Integration

BDR Suite now supports Active Directory Integration which helps organizations to easily import AD/LDAP users to BDR Suite & you can assign roles according to their requirements. This helps in overall user management.

Integrity Check on VMware ESXi Server

You can now run the automated boot test on VMware ESXi hosts to confirm the recoverability of the backup machines. So that you can rest assured that your backups are healthy & you can recover whenever the need arises.

File Server Backup from BDRSuite Backup Server UI

You can now add Windows and Linux file servers to the Data Source and configure file & folder level backup from the BDRSuite Backup Server console. The backup agents can be automatically pushed from the backup server or manually installed on the required servers. This feature allows you to manage the backup & recovery of a large number of machines from the centralized BDRSuite Backup Server.

Endpoint Backup from BDRSuite Backup Server UI

Now, you can configure File & Folder Backup of many Windows & Linux Endpoints directly from the BDRSuite Backup Server console. The agents can be manually installed on the target system or pushed automatically. Also, you can add multiple endpoints in bulk using the CSV file.


BDRSuite is a simple & unified data protection solution that provides all the features to protect your IT infrastructure. BDRSuite comes with a Backup as well as a Disaster Recovery solution so if you are looking for a Backup & Disaster solution then this product is for you.

If you are looking to try BDRSuite in your environment, then you can check the below link to a free trial:

BDRSuite Free Trial

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