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Every organization which is running virtual servers will require the backup tool to take the backup of their data & server for availability at the time of system crash. Managing & restoring the Backup is the very important task for every IT admin or IT team. Because after taking backup you should be able to restore it successfully & Backup should be compressed so it can take less storage compared to regular Backups. Backup should be secure & Encrypted. So choosing the right backup solution for your Virtual environment is always the question arises. So in this article i will provide you the very powerful backup solution which is Altaro VM Backup.

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Altaro VM Backup is a powerful & most efficient vm backup solution from the Altaro. Altaro VM Backup works for both VMware & Hyper-V also. It provides the most powerful backup solution to keep your vm backup. Altaro VM Backup provides the Centralized management console for managing & monitoring the multiple hosts. With the Help of centralized management console you can easily manage hosts with vm backups & restore without complexity. Provides the Rich Dashboard user interface which helps the user with ease to manage.

Altaro VM Backup is the powerful backup solution as it provides the Host level concurrency to take backup from multiple host at a time. It also uses the Compression technology to compress the data which can help save the space. It also provides the Encryption for securing the your backup with better level of security. You can take the backup of live running VM’s with Exchange or SQL Server. It also let’s you choose the Flexible Backup destinations.

So after taking the Backup you will also require the powerful Restore option which can help you to restore data as quick as possible with the multiple restore options. Altaro VM Backup provides the Fast, Flexible & reliable ways to restore your backups with Instantly. Altaro VM Backup helps you to recover your data Instantly. It provides the Granular Level restore option such as Individual Files or Emails. You can also Restore backup to the different host from different multiple backup points.

Benefits of the Altaro VM Backup :-

  • Central Management console with Intuitive user interface
  • Compression & Encryption for Backups
  • Offsite Backup Replication
  • Granular Restore options with Instant File Level Restore.
  • Flexible Backup Destinations
  • Flexible Backup Retention policies per VM Level.
  • Variety of Supported Backup Media

Altaro VM Backup is great solution for your virtual infrastructure as it provides many powerful tools & technologies for Backup & Restore options. The main benefit of Altaro VM Backup is that it provides both the top level virtualization technologies in one suit which is VMware & Hyper-V.

Altaro VM Backup also provides the Free version for taking the Backup of your virtual infrastructure.

To get your free copy check the link in our Header Section.

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