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Altaro VM Backup 8.5 Review

Altaro VM Backup 8.5 is the most efficient solution to provide the protection for your organization’s infrastructure. Altaro provides VMware, Hyper-V, Physical Server & Office 365 backup solutions. Altaro’s MSP program allows you to pay per VM per month with the flexibility to set your own pricing model and provide your customers with all the benefits of Altaro VM Backup. You can also back up any physical Windows servers.

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Altaro VM Backup helps you to completely protect your vmware environment as well as configure offsite copies for additional protection. It also provides the sandbox verification for verification of vms & backup data integrity.

Key features of Altaro VM Backup:

  • VM Backup, Restore & Replication
  • Intuitive Dashboard for Simple & easy management
  • Augmented Inline Deduplication for reduced backup storage requirements
  • WAN optimized replication to improve the RTO
  • CDP (Continuous Data Protection) switch from running daily backups to backing up as frequently as every 5 minutes.
  • Support for Clustered shared volumes
  • Compression & Encryption
  • Full & granular level recovery of VMs & files.
  • Exchange & SQL Support
  • Various supported backup media such as Internal Drive, NAS Devices, File server network share, USB & Flash drives and more.
  • Cloud backup to MS Azure, Amazon S3 & Wasabi
  • Backup Health monitor

And many more.

Above all are the key features of Altaro VM Backup some of them are unique to Altaro VM backup which helps you to provide the data protection for your VMware environment.

Altaro VM Backup installation is very simple & quick. You can install Altaro VM Backup Windows Server 2008& above easily by running the installation wizard.

Installation wizard is of quick few clicks & steps:

  1. Run the Installer
  2. Read & Accept the license agreement
  3. Specify the Destination folder for installation
  4. Install the Altaro VM Backup.
  5. Finish & launch the console.

altaro vm backup review

Above is the console you will see every time when you open the Altaro VM Backup. You simply need to connect your local machine or remote machine where you have installed Altaro VM Backup.

This the dashboard you will see which will help you to do quick setup of Altaro VM Backup which includes the Adding & configuring the VMware Host, Configuring the Backup locations & take your first backup.

altaro vm backup review

First you must add your vCenter Server or ESXi host to take backup of your VM environment:

altaro vm backup review

Once you have added the vCenter Server your all ESXi host will be added to Altaro VM Backup & you can see the status of each host:

altaro vm backup review

Second step is the Choose where you want to store your backup data :

altaro vm backup review

You can either configure the Local drive or the network drive for storing of your VM backups.

altaro vm backup review

Once you have specified the backup location you can simply drag & drop the VMs which you want to store into the backup location.

altaro vm backup review

Once you have configured backup location our third step will be to take first backup to ensure everything is working smoothly.

altaro vm backup review

Select the VM & click Take Backup to start backup of your first VM.

altaro vm backup review

Backup will take time based on your environment & once it is completed successfully you can view it in the dashboard.

You can see the Backup Drive status, Deduplication & Compression ratio, Active & Upcoming operations & recent operations which are completed recently.

altaro vm backup review

Altaro VM Backup allows you to restore full VM as a clone, restore virtual disks, individual files & directly boot from backup. Restore process is very quick & simple :

  1. Choose locations to restore from.
  2. Choose the virtual machine to restore.
  3. Choose where to restore to.
  4. Restore the Backup.

altaro vm backup review

Retention Policies:

Altaro VM Backup allows you to configure Retention policies for your virtual machines where default retention policy is of 2 Weeks. But based on your requirement you can configure various retention policies & simple drag drop the VM into the retention policy to apply it to VMs.

altaro vm backup review

Advanced Settings :

Advanced settings allow you to easily configure Deduplication, Encryption, Exclude ISOs, use of CBT & Exclude drives. So, you can easily configure advanced settings for multiple VMs from single console.

altaro vm backup review

Email Notifications:

Altaro VM backup allows you to configure Notification where you will get notification email every time when the Backup & Restore completes, If any errors occurred & daily VM Backup status report.

altaro vm backup review


Sandbox & Verification:

Altaro VM Backup provides the sandboxing & verification where you can verify the backup folder for integrity or perform full restore. You can also configure scheduled test drills so that Altaro VM backup will automatically verify the backups on the specified date & time.

Backup Health Monitor:

The Backup health monitor runs in the background on all the backup locations & detects any integrity issues with your backup data due to disk issues, If any issues are found the monitor will attempt to resolve the issues automatically by backing up the affected data again during the next backup. Any issue which have not yet been resolved will be listed so you can perform your troubleshooting.


Altaro VM Backup provides you the complete protection for your VM environment where you can configure backups, offsite copies for longer retention, Integrate with cloud storage for storing the backups & very simple dashboard which navigates you easily to every step so you can easily configure & manage your backups.

You can also take trial of Altaro VM Backup 8.5 to test it in your environment.

Altaro VM Backup comes in 3 different licensing edition which are standard, Unlimited & unlimited plus where you can choose whichever is best suited for your requirement. For more information on licensing & pricing you can check on Altaro site.


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