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Emails are the most critical part of every organization, many of which contain confidential information. If they get breached or leaked it can harm your company’s reputation and incur major costs as well. So, it is always important to have proper security mechanisms in place to protect and secure your company’s email communications.

Many organizations use Office 365 for their email system so that they don’t have to manage everything onsite. While using Office 365 you must have a solution in place to protect and secure emails that can harm your data.

Nowadays, most users have configured their Office 365 mailboxes on their mobile phones. Therefore, it could become easy for attackers to breach mailbox due to some vulnerabilities available in the mobile platform or user falls to the phishing scam on mobile devices. Phishing emails, spoof emails, and ransomware attacks are the major threats that can compromise mailboxes.

Hornetsecurity’s 365 Threat Monitor is a solution which can help you to secure and protect Office 365 mailboxes on your mobile devices against malware, phishing emails, spoof attacks, etc.

365 Threat Monitor will continuously monitor your Office 365 mailboxes and it will detect and alert you about any suspicious activities. If any malicious emails reach your inbox 365 Threat Monitor will detect them and you will immediately get alerted.

365 Threat Monitor will detect some of the following key types of attacks:

  • Malware such as ransomware, viruses, spyware
  • Phishing
  • Spoofed sender identities and content
  • Targeted attacks on:
    • data that requires special protection, such as credit card data, invoices, money orders, etc.
    • at-risk roles, such as accounting, CFO, CEO, HR, etc.
  • Spam and unwanted advertisements.

So how does 365 Threat Monitor work?

365 Threat Monitor works in the 4 simple steps which are:

  1. Warning: One of your users receives a suspicious email in their Office 365 inbox.
  2. Receive a real-time alert: Once 365 Threat Monitor identifies a malicious email, it sends you an alert – direct to your phone.
  3. Spam or Malware Type: 365 Threat Monitor lets you know which mailbox is affected and by what type of threat.
  4. Delete with 1 click: Delete the threat from the mailbox with just one click on your phone.

365 Threat Monitor uses Hornetsecurity’s powerful and in-house developed technology which offers best-in-class protection and reliability. Some of the key features include Email Live Tracking, Threat Defence, and Forensic Analyses. It will always monitor and scan your mailboxes in real-time to detect attacks and harmful content using heuristic filtering and authenticity & integrity verifications.

365 Threat Monitor has a unique functionality which allows you to detect & delete malware. Malicious emails can be immediately deleted once detected.

365 Threat Monitor has features to help you gain complete insight into your current security status with statistics and extensive logging information. Security reports can be easily configured to be sent by email or if you want you can view reports in the app or web console itself. IT teams can get a complete insight into their organization’s Office 365 mailboxes and generate security reports based on their requirements; daily or weekly.

Installation of 365 Threat Monitor is quite easy, it is a simple mobile app that you connect with an Office 365 Admin account. Once that’s done, every mail will be scanned for security and protection.

Below are some screenshots of 365 Threat Monitor:

365 Threat Monitor-1
365 Threat Monitor-1
365 Threat Monitor-2
365 Threat Monitor-2

Below is the complete product tour video which shows how it works:

Nowadays everyone is working from home and send more emails than ever, so you must have security in place to protect your Office 365 mailboxes. 365 Threat Monitor is the one solution which will offer you protection from the various attacks and viruses online.

365 Threat Monitor is your go-to solution to secure and protect your Office 365 mailboxes from viruses and scams. We recommend this as a “must use” for protecting users against scams or virus attacks. It is a simple solution which will proactively protect your emails.


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