vSAN is an Software Defined Storage solution from VMware to provide the best in class storage features for the vSphere Infrastructures. vSAN delivers flash-optimized, secure storage. It utilizes commodity x86 server components to lower costs up to 50% versus traditional server and storage array architectures. vSAN is designed to help customers modernize their infrastructure by addressing three key IT needs: higher security, lower costs, and faster performance.

vSAN uses storage policies for managing the storage of virtual machines. You can create storage policies based on your requirements. vSAN is comes with the wide variety of rich functionalities which makes vSAN leader in the software defined storage.

In this Deep Dive Series of vSAN we will be looking at vSAN Overview, Configuration of vSAN, Creation of vSAN datastore, Creation of vSAN storage policies and testing of storage policies on the virtual machines and many more useful things you will find in this vSAN Deep Dive.

vSAN : What is VMware vSAN ?

vSAN : Hybrid vs All Flash

vSAN : What is Disk Group ?

vSAN : Objects and Components


vSAN : Deduplication and Compression


vSAN : Storage Policies

How to Create vSAN VMkernel Step by Step

How to Configure vSAN Step by Step

How to Run vSAN Proactive Test

How to create vSAN Storage Policy Step by Step

How to Assign vSAN Storage Policy to Virtual Machine

How to view vSAN Capacity

vSAN Maintenance Mode

How to Enable vSAN Performance Service

How to Configure iSCSI Target on vSAN

How to Configure iSCSI Initiator Groups in vSAN