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How to Configure NTP in ESXi ?

NTP is an Network Time Protocol which is used to sync the time with the NTP server whether it is local or outside. NTP is also used to set the correct time so that you can not have issues with the Time. So let’s checkout How to configure NTP in …

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How to add ESXi Hosts to vCenter ?

Host is an ESX or ESXi Server which is hypervisor used to virtualize the server & allow us to create the virtual server’s in that host. Host provides the resources to the virtual machines such as CPU, Memory, Storage, Network Connectivity etc In this post i will show you how …

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How to create cluster in Data center

A cluster is the group of hosts. when you add hosts to the cluster, host’s resources become the part of cluster’s resources. The cluster managers all the resources of the hosts within it. Cluster is required for some of vSphere advance features such as vSphere High Availability(HA), vSphere Distributed Resource …

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How to Create the Data center in vCenter

You will always see the Server’s are stored in the Data center but if your environment is virtual than what you can do to properly manage your Virtual Infrastructure. So in VMware vSphere you can also create the Data center which will include all the ESXi Hosts, Virtual Server’s etc. …

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VMware vSphere Client Installation Step by Step

VMware vSphere Client is the windows application provided by VMware to connect to the VMware Products such as ESXi Server, vCenter Server. In this Post i will guide you through the installation of VMware vSphere Client. First Download the VMware vSphere Client based on your VMware vSphere Versions from VMware …

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