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How to install vCSA 6 Step by Step ?


VMware vCSA is an Appliance of vCenter server which is alternative option to Windows vCenter server. VMware vCSA 6.0 is the latest version of Appliance. It is most robust & scalable. vCSA provides the same options provided by windows based vCenter Server. Note: VMware vCSA requires minimum 8GB of RAM …

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Managing the vCenter Inventory

VMware vCenter server uses Inventory for storing it’s objects. vCenter Inventory helps vmware admin or users to easily find & manage the different objects. vCenter server inventory contains below objects :- 1) Data Center:- We can create the logical data center in the vCenter Server for storing all the virtual …

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How to remove vCenter Certificate Warning


When you access the vCenter server through any browser you will get the security certificate warning. Which appears because of the self-signed certificate. So in this post i will tell you how you can remove self signed certificate warning. Remove Certificate Warning :- Step 1: Connect to vCenter Server using …

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How to Create Database & DSN for vCenter Server

vCenter Server uses Database for its inventory & other information storage. you can use either Oracle or MS SQL Database or you can use the built-in Database. You can install the SQL Server on same server or on different server but it is better to keep database on different server. …

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