Thursday , January 18 2018
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vDS-Part11 : Distributed Switch Port Group Security Settings


While using the Physical Switch you may find many security features available for networking but in case of virtual switch you also have some of features which will help in maintaining the secure virtual networking. vSphere Distributed Switch provides the same security settings which are on the Standard switch. Security …

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vMotion Video Tutorial


vMotion lets you migrate virtual machine in live state means the live running virtual machine will be migrated from one host to another host and there will be no downtime, no service interruptions. The Virtual Machine will migrated as it is as it was running on the first host with …

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Adding ESXi Hosts to vCenter- Video Tutorial

Host is an ESX or ESXi Server which is hypervisor used to virtualize the server & allow us to create the virtual server’s in that host. Host provides the resources to the virtual machines such as CPU, Memory, Storage, Network Connectivity etc vCenter server is also known as the virtual …

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