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vSAN : What is VMware vSAN ?

What is vSAN

VMware continuously changing & improving the traditional datacenter with software defined datacenter(SDDC). VMware SDDC consists of all the components which are virtualized which are compute, storage & network. Compute is you already know which is vSphere ESXi , Network is virtualized using the VMware’s NSX Solution. For storage VMware provides …

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What is VMware vSphere HA ?


Every organization uses servers for their products or services but at the time of disaster or any of the fault event it is necessary to have the availability of the server so that user or client can not face the problem regarding the services. In virtual Environment’s it is necessary …

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What is vCenter HA


vCenter Server is an very crucial part of vSphere Infra. vCenter helps to manage & configure everything with ease. You can manage multiple ESXi hosts using vCenter Server. In some cases you might see the crash of vCenter Server or vCenter Server is unable to start. So at that time …

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VMware Fling: DRS Lens


DRS Lens is an fling from VMware which helps to monitor your vSphere DRS clusters. vSphere DRS is most useful feature for balancing the load on the cluster & ESXi hosts. DRS comes with 3 types of options such as Manual, Partially Automated & Fully Automated. When you use Fully …

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