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Informational Guides

What is VMFS ?


VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) is developed & exclusive to VMware. VMFS is a high-performance clustered file system used by the VMware vSphere. VMFS is designed & optimized file system for the optimum performance of the virtual machines in virtual environment. VMFS is used to store the virtual machine disk …

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What is VMware vCSA

VMware vCSA is an Appliance of vCenter server which is alternative option to Windows vCenter server. VMware vCSA 6.0 is the latest version of Appliance. It is most robust & scalable. VMware vCenter Windows is most popular in Production environment but vCSA is not much popular because of some of …

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What is vCenter Server ?

vCenter server is also known as the virtual center. vCenter Server provides the centralized management of vSphere Virtual Infrastructure. You can manage all your vSphere products such as ESXi & Virtual machines. vCenter is the Windows Application which is provided by VMware which can only be used in the Windows …

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