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Mayur Parmar

Hi I am Mayur Parmar. Independent Author & Founder of Mastering VMware. I am working in IT industry for more than 2 Years with knowledge of VMware , Microsoft Server's, Linux Server's.

How to Create vSAN VMkernel Step by Step

create vsan vmkernel

vSAN requires the VMkernel for the networking. Every host participating in vSAN Cluster must have 1 VMkernel dedicated for vSAN. It is recommended to use the separate traffic link for the vSAN instead of using it with the existing management or VM network. So in order to create a VMkernel …

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vSAN : Storage Policies

vsan storage policies

As we already know that vSAN is an software defined storage solution. So you might be thinking how you can manage virtual machines on the vSAN, answer to that is using the vm storage policies. vSAN comes with a large set of storage policies where we can configure different storage …

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vSAN : Deduplication and Compression


In this series of vSAN as of now we know what is vSAN and how it works. vSAN is an software defined storage where virtual machines are stored as an objects. vSAN works on storage policies where you can create a multiple storage policies based on the requirements and assign …

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vSAN : Objects and Components

vsan objects and components

vSAN is an software defined storage solution. vSAN utilizes the ESXi Hosts local disks as an storage and pool them to make one datastore i.e vsanDatastore. In our previous post we have seen on Disk groups on vSAN. In this post we will be looking at Objects and Components of …

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VMware Configuration Maximum Tool Announced


VMware has recently announced the Configuration maximum tool. Configuration maximum tool helps you to find the maximum configuration values of different vSphere version. It provides each and every details of the maximum configurations supported. Configuration maximum tool is an web based UI which can be easily accessed from any browser …

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How to Join ESXi Host into AD Domain


Every organization uses Active Directory for authentication and management of systems and servers. Where all the servers are added into the Active Directory Domain. In our previous posts we have seen on how to add VCSA into Active Directory. ESXi Host also has option to join into the Active Directory …

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